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snow leopards are hunted for their fur.


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Snow leopards have historically been hunted for their beautiful fur. Today they are endangered; there are fewer than seven thousand snow leopards in the world.

Snow leopards are used for medicines. Snow leopards are also hunted for their pelts, that's why they are endangered. Poachers can get a lot of money for snow leopard pelts.

Generally giant pandas are not hunted by humans, but panda cubs can be hunted by other predators such as jackals and snow leopards.

snow leopard are hunted because of there furs because they are useful in different ways.for example making of coat,boots e.t.c

Leopards are hunted for their skin, which is quite valuable.

== == >They are an endangered species because they are hunted by people and their food is disappearing. == ==

how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce?

Snow leopards get water from the snow.

Snow Leopards are hunted for their skin, which is worth £30,000+ on the Black Market, it is a Good source of income for humans.

Leopards and Snow Leopards are entirely different species. Snow leopards aren't related to leopards- they are actually more closely related to cheetahs.


For their fur which can be made into rugs and coats and also for their bones which are used in East Asian medicines.

well,they are white like snow, live in snowy mountains, and they're leopards!

Snow leopards hunt for food, mothers look after the cubs. Did you know that snow leopards cannot roar?

Leopards are hunted by humans, and the Leopards fur/skin gets used for coats or decoration.

snow leopards live in central my butt

Snow leopards have keen hearing.

do snow leopards have good hearing?

how do snow leopards have offspring

how big are snow leopards when there born

snow leopards do not migrate or hibernate

Snow Leopards are endangered because of hunting.

Because the food they eat is red pandas and red pandas are endangered so to save the snow leopards we have to save the red panda first. The above answer is only partially true. Snow leopards are being hunted for their fur. In order to save them we have to stop hunting them for their fur. This, incidentally, is also one of the reasons that the red panda is endangered.

There are many the list below only shows SOME of them: 1. Leopards 2. Cheetahs 3. Tigers 4. Snow Leopards 5. Spanish Lynx

Yes, baboons are hunted. Mainly by humans and leopards.

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