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Why are social workers willing to work for low pay?

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There are many problems in the world around us. Rape, domestic violence, child abuse, and drug and alcohol abuse....... If someone does not step up to change it, no one will.

---(Response) OK, but did you know that social workers must have graduate degrees plus 3 years of clinical experience to receive licensure? That's about as much training as a medical doctor.... and 5 years more than your average public school teacher, and yet we get paid an average of $15,000/yr less than teachers. Weird, huh?


Another view: I am a social worker, and certainly people in my profession are interested in "stepping up", as the above contributor explains. In my own experience, I have found that while social workers are usually good at advocating for the rights of others, we tend not to be as good at advocating for ourselves as a profession.


Ok, so everyone agrees that social workers have perhaps been too willing to accept low pay over the years, but how can we change that? We need to do something about this and we need to do it as a group....

I am a social worker w/ a Master's and Bachelor's from an Ivy League. I was just offered my first graduate-level position for a salary higher than the going rate for social workers in my city, yet $15,000 less than my husband's entry level salary as a Bachelor's level teacher in a public school. On top of that, I just found out that one of my clients is getting a higher salary than me in his "supported employment" position as a newspaper delivery person.

It completely defies logic that graduate level professionals would get paid so little, and I don't think any other profession would stand for this.... so why do we? I would have tried to negotiate up my salary, but I was afraid that they would just move on to the dozens of other social workers willing to work for virtually nothing. If we don't take action as a group, we have no chance of changing anything.

I am just entering the field as an LLMSW and I am very concerned about why we have accepted this for so long. I am also concerned about being taken advantage of as an LLMSW, even in the profession where people are supposed to be concious and mindful of these power dynamics and are suppesd to not take advantage of those who are more vulnerable. We are supposed to be able to advocate for others and we also know that we need to take care of our needs in order to be good social workers. We also know that this is one of the reasons for high burnout. Why have our leaders not stepped up? I am asking that we challenge NASW to do more. If the NASW (2010), "works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards, and to advance sound social policies," then why are they not advocating for our needs so that we may continue working in our chosen field without as much fear and shame of our salaries!

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Immigrants were willing to work for relatively low wages

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Nativist labor leaders objected to immigrant workers for many reasons what objections was most important?

Immigrants were willing to work for relatively low wages.

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Is a Career in Social Work Right for You?

People seeking a career in social work generally enjoy helping others. Social workers help people deal with difficult problems such as poverty, inadequate housing, life-threatening diseases and substance abuse. While social work is a great career choice, you should learn the ins and outs of it before you decide to work in the field.Education and TrainingA bachelor's degree in social work is a requirement to work in the field. However, a degree in sociology or psychology may qualify you for some entry-level jobs. A master's degree in social work is a requirement to work in health and school settings. Social workers must also obtain a license before working in the field.Job ResponsibilitiesSocial workers are assigned a certain amount of cases per week. They advise, provide resources and services to meet each client's needs. For example, a social worker may help a low-income family get into government housing. While social workers do the majority of their work in their office, they sometimes meet clients in a local area. Social workers are also expected to attend meetings and handle client emergencies during non-business hours.Types of Social WorkersSocial workers specialize in several different areas. Medical social workers work with clients who are suffering from debilitating diseases, such as cancer, AIDS or multiple sclerosis.Child, family and school social workers assist children and their families. They may organize adoptions, assist single parents and help find foster homes for abused children. School social workers may counsel students who are dealing with problems such as teenage pregnancy, truancy or drug and alcohol problems.Mental health and substance abuse social workers help people with a mental illness or substance abuse problem by evaluating and treating them. They may also set up group counseling or recommend inpatient treatment.Salary Social workers can expect to make a salary of about $30,000 when they start out in the field. Once they get experience in the field, they can make up to $52,000 a year.

Where did migrant workers work?

Migrant workers usually found work in seasonal low-paying jobs, as in the agricultural sector, or in railroad construction and maintenance.

What caused the wages in California to be so low for migrant workers?

The overflow of migrant workers looking for work increased the work supplied, resulting in lower wages.

Why do fast food restaurants prefer to employ teenagers?

They are willing to work for low wages.

The union pacific relied on what workers?

The Union Pacific relied on Irish and African American workers. The Central Pacific hired Chinese workers. The immigrant workers were low-paid and did difficult work.

Can you practice social work with only a social work degree?

Some entry level social work jobs require only a bachelor's degree in social work (BSW). However these positions do not generally offer much room for advancement, and the pay can be low. Most social work jobs these days require a master of social work (MSW) degree.

Describe the conditions for the industrial workers?

Low pay, dangerous work conditions, no medical care

In ancient Egypt who did most of the work and who beniffited from that work?

Slaves, corvee workers, and low-paid laborers did most of the work. The main beneficiaries were the Pharaoh and the nobility.

Why did the mining unions refuse to help Chinese miners?

Chinese miners were willing to work for low wages. (Jerry)

How to Begin a Career as a Social Worker?

Social workers find employment in several types of career settings. They work for government agencies, non-profit agencies and in both the private and public sector. Social workers often work with low-income families, foster children, the homeless, adoption agencies and the medically needy. If you enjoy helping people and making a difference in your community, then you may enjoy this type of work. Many entry-level social work jobs now require a four-year degree. For example, in most states, agencies such as Child Protective Services require agents to possess a degree in social work, sociology, psychology, or a related field. For those who do not have a degree, an entry-level job such as a receptionist or data entry clerk may be available. If you start at entry-level and obtain work experience, you may be able to advance into a higher level position. Many four-year colleges and universities now offer a bachelor’s degree in social work. For those who wish to pursue the degree, expect to complete courses in human development, ethnic and cultural studies, law, forensics, sociology, and psychology. Other social work positions may require a master’s degree. These positions typically relate to counseling, mental health services and supervisory positions. To find more information about obtaining a social work degree, visit the website of your local college or university. Find out if they have a social work program and apply for early admission. Many online sites list social work jobs. and are popular websites. They post hundreds of jobs in social work and related fields. Both sites list the job qualifications as well as the location of the position. They also allow you to build a resume online and submit the resume via the online submissions manager. You can also look for social work positions with local and state law enforcement agencies. They often hire workers for positions such as parole officers and probation officers. Non-profit organizations hire case workers to work as adoption agents, foster care workers, and community center workers.

Describe how economic pressures may play role in maintaining social order?

the need to work... low wages means low possessions

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Low pay, dangerous work conditions, no medical care

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the low pay and mistreatment and long long hours of work when they still couldn't support their families

What are some difficulties migrant workers face?

There are many difficulties that migrant workers face. Some of them include oppression from employers, low pay, work environments that are not conducive and much more.

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Cheap labour means that the people who make the product work under unfair work trends - low wages and often underage workers.

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The work force was a mixed one of slaves and free workers. It is estimated that 20,000 to 30,000 workers would have been needed for the task. The slaves did all the heavy dangerous work such as quarrying, dragging the stones, putting them in place, extending and repairing the ramps used to raise the stones to the required level.The slaves were naked too low in social status to be given clothes.

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