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Most things that don't dissolve in water are made of fats or waxes. Other examples are rocks, sand and gravel as well as glass.

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Q: Why are some substances not able to be dissolved in water?
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Why do some substances not dissolve in water?

Water is a polar molecule. If a solute dissolved in water is polar molecule, it will dissolve in water. If a solute dissolved in water is non-polar like oil it will not dissolve in water.

Why is ocean water both a solution and a suspension?

Because the ocean water contains both dissolved substances and merely suspended substances, some of which may be living.

Why do some substances not stay dissolved for long in water?

Some of your "substances" (cmon we know your talking about coke) will not dissolve in the water because its supposed to be snorted not drunk. you can drink it but it will not give you the same hit.

Can you mix oxygen with water to make acid?

No. You would just get water with some dissolved oxygen in it. This dissolved oxygen is essential for most aquatic life. Acids are a variety of substances that will increase the concentration of hydrogen ions when added to water.

Do substances which dissolve in water conduct an electric current?

Some do. Electrolytes, which are substances that break into ions when dissolved in water, will conduct electricity. Such substances include soluble salts, acids, and bases.Other water soluble substances are non electrolytes and do not break into ions in water, or at least do so in extremely minute amounts. They do not conduct electricity. These include alcohols, sugars, and some other polar compounds.

When a powder dissovled when does it go?

Some substances, like sugar, readily dissolve in Water. Some substances, like vitamines, readily disolve in oil or fat. They do not go anywhere when dissolved they are totally bound with the solution

What is does it mean for something to be dissolved in water?

They don't dissolve well in water. (It says so my textbook but it doesn't seem right)

What are some solubles?

Soluble substances are substances that can be dissolved,(example, in a liquid) :CoffeeSaltSugarRaro/ powdered juicebaking sodagelatineand detergent

What are some insoluble substance?

INSOLUBLE SUBSTANCES means that there is a solute (solid) that can not be dissolved some INSOLUBLE SUBSTANCES are pencils wood rocks gold and tape

What are some soluble substances?

Soluble substances are substances that can be dissolved,(example, in a liquid) :CoffeeSaltSugarRaro/ powdered juicebaking sodagelatineand detergent

Salt is dissolved in some water. what is the water?

soft water

How does water move through osmosis?

Osmosis is the diffusion of a solvent (usually water molecules) through a semipermeable membrane from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration, or conversely from an area of higher water potential to an area of lower water potential.Water will tend to flow from a hypotonic solution (low concentration of dissolved substances) into a hypertonic solution (higher concentration of dissolved substances).Water will in essence push or thrust (Greek osmos,push,thrust) from a place of low concentration of water to that of a high concentration of water as it requires it. The membrane allows only water and some select substances to pass through.