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well each and every geometrical figure has its own importance. Spheres have the least surface area for a given volume compared to any other object of same volume.

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What spheres interact with the water cycle?

The spheres Atmosphere, Geosphere, and Hydrosphere all play an important role in the water cyle.

Why is pi so important?

It is crucial to measuring circles, spheres, etc. 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841 (cont.)

Is the lithosphere Earth's only important part?

Actually, no. There is also the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere are important also. Without the 4 spheres, we wouldn't be alive.

What is the financial relations between the different spheres of government?

financial relationship between the spheres of government is sharing of limited resource, working together, since there is no sphere of government in independent from one another and they cannot work in isolation, the spheres of government has to work coopratively that is according to the constitution chaper 5 of the constitions which fosters the spheres to work together with muntual interest. accountability and responsiveness than plays an important role in fostering the spheres of government together to promote good governance.

How are circles and spheres different?

a circle is 2d and spheres are 3d

What are spheres that have the same length radii called?

Congruent spheres

Why are planets and stars spheres?

they are spheres because of gravatational pull

Which three types of solids do not have faces or edges?


What two spheres cause erosion?

The two spheres that are responsible for erosion are the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. These spheres interact all of the time.

Which two spheres are most affected by a forest fire?

The spheres most affected by forest fires are the flammable spheres.

What spheres are zones of Earth's atmosphere?

Which spheres are zones of Earth's atmosphere

How many spheres does earth have?

Earth has 3 spheres. Atmosphere, troposphere, ethosphere

What is earth's three spheres?

Earth's three spheres are lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere

Do spheres have 3 pairs of perpendicular lines?

Spheres do not have any perpendicular lines.

Can you give a sentence with word sphere in it?

Spheres are cool. Spheres are the beauty of this galaxy.

When was Music of the Spheres Society created?

Music of the Spheres Society was created in 2001.

What are the 6 spheres of Earth Systems?

The Main 4 Well-Known Spheres are *Atmosphere *Hydrosphere *geospere *Biosphere And the New spheres are *Anthrosphere *Cryosphere

What are the spheres of the earth?

There are four main spheres of the Earth: The Hydrosphere The Hydrosphere The Lithosphere The Atmosphere

What 4 spheres overlaps with all of the other 3 spheres in an oceanic ecosystem?

The hydrosphere.

How many spheres are in a pyramid?

A Pyramid is a shape called a pyramid, there are no spheres in a triangulare shape.

What are the earths 4 spheres?

biosphere ,hydrosphere ,atmosphere ,lithosphere are the four spheres of the earth

What do the white spheres near the planets stand for?

what do the white spheres near the planet stand for?

What do the orange and yellow spheres represent in a model of an atomic nucleus?

These spheres are protons and neutrons.

Together the four spheres of earth make up the?

Together the four spheres of the Earth make up the Earth system. These spheres are the geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and the atmosphere.

How does the four spheres relate to bushfires?

it does not relate to bushfires the four spheres are lithosphere atmosphere biosphere and hydrosphere bushfires just destroy abit of the 4 main spheres