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they are thought to be like pillars because they are the basic principle of Islam. These pillar are seen as the foundation to your iman (faith).


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the 5 pillars are important because there like the foundation of islam. and with thought them there is no islam.

Israel does not have 5 pillars, but Islam does.

There are 5 pillars in Islam.

There are 5 pillars in haji

The question is funny. The 5 pillars are not physical pillars they are as basic principles!!!see related question below.

To be a muslim, anyone must uphold and practice the 5 pillars.

Islam is the religion that is based on the 5 pillars. these 5 pillars are (1)kalma(toheed) (2) namaz (3)roza (fasting) (4)haj (5)zakath Refer to related question below for more information on these 5 pillars.

If you mean the five pillars of Islam, then they are not physical pillars. They pillars of the fundamentals of the Islam religion. they are not bound by places.

There are no 5 pillars of Hinduism. Only in Islam.

There are 5 pillars of faith in Islam

what are the five (5) pillars of the criminal Justice System and their Definition

yes, the Islam 5 pillars are mentioned in Quran. However, the details on how these 5 pillars could be performed are described and taught by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through his sayings and practices.

The ISBN of The Pillars of Creation is 0-7653-0026-5.

i don't think there is such a name ... they're just called the 5 pillars of Islam or just the pillars of Islam ... and Allah knows best

the five pillars of islam help muslims by setting goals for them. it is like a check list, you have to do the 5 pillars to be a true muslim. the 5 pillars are that you belive that allah is the one and only god and muhammed is his messanger, also you pray 5 times a day,give charity,do hajj and fast in ramadan.

the five pillars of society are the church, Government marriage, Family, and education,

The five Pillars of Islam are in the Hadiths-eyewitness testimonies consonance to the Qur'an.

The Five Pillars of Islam are faith, prayer, alms, hajj, and fasting.

There is no such thing as the pillars of ka'ba, but there is something called the 5 pillars of Islam and here they are: 1. shahada2. salah3. zakat4.sawm during ramadan5.hajj To be a Muslim you should have all these.

They are called pillars for a reason; they are the 'pillars' of Islam. Imagine removing a single pillar or column from a building; the whole building will collapse. Likewise as a Muslim your ABC's are the 5 pillars. But there is a common misunderstanding that if I've done the 5 pillars - shadatayn, 5 prayers, fasting Ramadan, zakat & Hajj - then that's all. There are other important things that you have to do and abide by, such as being honest, avoid adultery, obey your parents and so on.

The 5 pillars of Islam are not the same as the monument in Washington D.C. ________________________________________________ The five pillars of Islam represent the basic Islam principles. Refer to questions below.

yes, the concept of each of the 5 pillars of Islam is mentioned in the Holy Quran .

The Pillars of the Earth - 2010 Legacy 1-5 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-MA

The qur'an contains the 5 pillars of Islam. It is a complete code of life. The Muslims seek guidance from it.

There are five pillars in the criminal justice system. The five pillars are community, law enforcement, prosecution service, court, and the correctional system.

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