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Because the moon has no atmosphere there is no wind or rain to erode the footprints.

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Q: Why are the footprints of astronauts who walked on the moon in 1969 are still there today?
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Is Earths moon a terrestrial or a gas?

Terrestrial, we put astronauts on the moon in 1969. It is covered in a thick layer of powdery dust, if you could go up there today you would still see the astronauts footprints because of the lack of wind.

Have any non Americans walked on the moon?

No upto today only American astronauts have walked on the moon.

How many people in the US are astronauts today?


Where do astronauts go today?

In recent years astronauts have gone to the International Space Station, which is in a low orbit around Earth.

What is the ratio of men to women astronauts?

Women make up 18 percent of all the active astronauts working today. this would mean 6 out of every 35 astronauts are female.

How long did Apollo 11's lunar module spend on the moon?

Neil Armstrong walked on the surface for 2hours 36minutes and 40seconds. Buzz Aldrin walked on the surface approximately 20minutes less than Neil. The Segment which launched the astronauts back into Lunar orbit was on the surface for 21hours 36minutes and 21seconds. And the descent stage is still on the Lunar surface today.

What Rockets are used by astronauts today?

Both liquid and solid fuel rockets are used for manned flight today.

What are foods that you eat today made for NASA astronauts?

Anything freeze dried.

What was the flag and the footprints on the moon look like today?

Just the same way they looked in 1969. There is no wind or rain to change them.

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If you went to the moon today why would Neil Armstrong's footsteps still be there?

Yes, the footsteps are likely still there. There is no rain, wind nor any weather on the moon to disturb the footprints of Armstrong and the eleven other men who have walked on the moon. The only thing which would disturb the footsteps is objects (spacecraft, meteoroids, etc.) which impact the lunar surface. Given the area of the lunar surface and the fact that the footsteps are on the side of the moon facing the Earth, this is unlikely.

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