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All butterfly and moth wings are damp when they hatch from their crysalis. If the interior of the crysalis was dry, they'd die. They need the moisture to keep supple; on hatching they gradually spread their wings until they become dry enough to fly.

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Can butterflies fly with wet wings?

No, butterflies do not fly with wet wings. They will often cling to trees, bushes, and branches until it stops raining and their wings dry off. The wings become to heavy to fly.

How do butterflies dry their wings?

If a butterflies wings get wet it can't fly so it sit's in the sun to dry them off.

Why do butterflies wings get wet when they come out of the cocoon?

Butterfly wings are wet when they emerge from their cocoon because the cocoon is filled with the liquid waste products remaining from the caterpillars metamorphosis into the butterfly.

Does the monarch butterfly live in a dry or wet environment?

Monarch Butterflies prefer living in a dry environment. In the winter months it is imperative that the Monarch has a dry place to live or they can freeze to death.

What happens to a butterfly when its wings get wet?

the poeder on their wings comes off, and they can't fly.

What does a butterfly look like when it emerges from a cacoon?

They look like they are wet. Their wings are saggy. Butterflies take time to let their wings dry out so they can fly.

What are butterfly wings-like when it first come out of the chrysalis?

when a butterfly first comes out of a chrysalis it wings are wet and it cant fly. It vibrates so its wings can dry

Can bees use wet wings?

No. Wet wings are too heavy for the bees to fly.

Can wasps fly when wet?

If their wings are only a little wet, they might fly but not as good. If their wings are very wet, they will not fly at all.

Can a dragonfly fly with wet wings?


What color of butterfly will a white caterpillar turn into?

If it's white with yellow and black stripes it will turn in to a monarch butterfly it's black and orange their mostly common in Florida also if it's In a jar or container when it comes out of it's cocoon let it out it's wings are wet from the cocoon and if you don't it will die

Do butterflies hate water?

Butterflies consume flower nectar, and occasionally supplemental water (and sodium from salt, even from human sweat). But their wings are so light and delicate that they will not function if wet (as when they first emerge from the pupal stage). Fortunately, most wing tissue sheds liquids such as rain.

Can bees fly with wet wings?

no they cant

Can birds fly if their feathers are wet?

yes and no. depends on how wet the wings are and the type of bird

Where do Ulysses butterflies live?

Ulysses butterflies live in the tropics of north QLD, Papua New Guinea and all wet lands.

Can Fariys get their wings wet?

Faeries are mythical creatures... :)

Do butterflies come out at night?

No they do not come out at night because they would rather come out in the morning when the sun is up and shining. They come out when the sun is shining because their wings warm up and they can fly easily. Another reason they don't come out at dark and night is because the wind will get heavier and it will carry them away and their wings are very thin and fragile, so if they don't go out when the wind is kicking in, they could get damaged and not be able to fly again.Also, if they go out at night, then they could get wet from rain, dew on plants, and misty air. If they get wet from anything, even from their pupa, it takes about 1 to 3 hours to dry. If they are in low temperatures, their wings can freeze easily because of the thin material that butterflies wings are made of.

Where do checkerspot butterflies live?

They live in a open space and it is wet. The wetlands! hoped i help!

Can dragonflies swim?

no because it's wings will get wet and soggy then it can not fly =)

Where in the world are butterflies not found?

The ocean and other wet places , even dry places such as deserts

Can you save dragonflies wet wings?

Yes, do not try to separate them with your fingers or nails...just lightly blow on their wings they will eventually unstick!

What does angel wings mean on a coat of arms?

my dick is hard and wet from jackin

When you are underwater are you really wet?

no you become wet when your body comes within contact of air.

In what kind of situation that a butterfly can't fly?

If the butterfly can't fly it's wings are wet. Once the butterfly's wings are dried then it will be able to fly unless it is paralized in the wings or if it's wing is broken.

What do bees dislike?

they dislike water, because there wings get wet and they will not return to the hive and they will mostly get killed