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Muscles contain haemoglobin and myoglobin which are red when carrying oxygen.

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Why are muscles red?

muscles are red due to the presence of myoglobin as well as haemoglobin

Why are some muscles red and others blue?

some muscles are red and others are blue of your blood

Do muscles produce red blood cells?

No. Your muscles do not produce the red blood cells. Red bone marrow produce the red blood cells.

Why major muscles are red in color?

Muscles consist of 2 types of proteins - actin and myosin - which provide the red colour to muscles. Due to difference in concentration of these proteins, striations are also formed which are deep red and light red.

What happens to muscles when there is not enough oxygen?

They are unable to produce sufficient amount of ATP and cannot contract. There are two types of muscles, red muscles and white muscles. Red muscles perform aerobic respiration while white muscles perform anaerobic respiration. Usually, our red muscles do most of the activity but in case of strenuous activities, our red muscles are unable to meet the energy demand and shortage of oxygen happens. At such times, our white muscles perform anaerobic respiration. In this kind of respiration, lactic acid is produced which gets accumulated in the muscles and causes cramps.

Why do red blood cells take oxygen to the working muscles?

Red Blood cells take oxygen to the working muscles as it is required for respiration.

What colour are muscles?

Red, White and pink

Do muscles use red and white blood cells?

Yes, muscles do use red and white blood cells. Without red and white bloods cells, your body will not function right and you may get spasm's.

What are some examples of a red muscle?

All muscles are red because they all have blood in them.

Why do red blood cells prevent the muscles from cramping?

red blood cells are good

Can a red fire aunt give you pain in your muscles?


What do red blood cells carry to the working muscles?


What is the organ system that transports oxygen to the muscles?

The cardiovascular system, specifically the red blood cells, is what transports oxygen to the muscles.

Do fish have muscles?

yes there is three types: white, pink, and red. Red having the highest vascularization

Why is the heart red?

Not only the heart, but muscles in general are red because they are irrigated by the flowing blood in the organism.

What meat is red meat?

Any meat that is harvested from an animals muscles.

Your body is made of what?

red and white blood cells, muscles, skin

What would you not be able to do without your red blood cells?

Get oxygen to your muscles

What are the release dates for Adventures of Red Rooster - 2012 Luigi Muscles In - 1.4?

Adventures of Red Rooster - 2012 Luigi Muscles In - 1.4 was released on: USA: 22 January 2012

Why are your muscles pink?

Your muscles arent Pink, Its just a descriptive way of splitting it all up. As in Historys Strongest Deciple Kenichi the Anime There Are 3 types of muscles Red,White and Pink. Pink is the mixture of both Red and white. But look up What they all mean

Why is bacon red?

Bacon is not red, it is pink. When it is grilled, it turns a dark pink. Bacon is pink because bacon comes from a pig's muscles. Muscles are pink as a sign of manliness. Many other meats also come from various animal's muscles to support humanity's inner carnivore.

How is energy needed to contract muscles?

Muscles need energy to contract because the body needs energy to produce hormones which stimulate production of red blood cells to carry oxygen to the muscles.

Red blood cell functions?

To absorb oxygen from the lungs and to carry it to the muscles.

What is the medical use of infrared?

It's used in pain relief - especially in muscles. Infra-red lamps produce heat which acts to relieve painful muscles.

Why are red blood cells and muscles cells different?

each cell has a different function