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Why are the possible reasons for a speedometer not moving?


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2005-11-15 14:18:44
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Three possible reasons. Gear in transmission which is plastic could be broke. Cable itself broke or speedometer head in dash broke. Good luck.


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An automobile speedometer measures speed. That is why it is called a speedometer rather than a velocimeter.It tells you how fast the car is moving, not in what direction it is moving, so speed, not velocity.

A cars speedometer measures speed. A speedometer is a gauge that displays the speed of a vehicle so the driver will know how fast the vehicle is moving.

Speedometer cable (most common) Speedometer head Gear on transmission end of speedometer cable

Assuming this happens while you are moving you probably need to replace the speedometer cable.

Possible reasons your speedometer not working: 1. The vehicle speed sensor has failed. 2. The speedometer itself has failed. 3. There is a failure in the wiring or connectors. 4. The engine control module has failed. I don't know what you mean by "fuel mix", please clarify.

It shows the speed and the distance the car travels.

A (non digital) speedometer is a damped needle moved by a rotating magnet driven by cable from either the gearbox or one of the wheels.

what you see when you look at the speedometer is the average distance you have traveled. notice the speedometer says mph Miles Per Hour how many miles you have traveled per hour.

There are a few reasons that could cause the speedometer to stop working on your Toyota Camry. If the mileage is still working then the speedometer cable end is damaged. If both the odometer and speedometer do not work then the cable is most likely broken.

Maybe a broken cable The needle on the speedometer of the 96 aspire is still moving, but it acts like it is out of control.

Speedometer cables can dry out over time. Remove the cable from the back of the speedometer, and lube the cable with graphite. This should fix the issue.

/need to know the reasons on why this happened?

It's usually the cable or the speedometer head in the dash that have problems Is it possible to lubricate the where the cable and the speedometer head cluster meet? If so, how do you get into the head or cluster?

check speedometer cable for possible disconnection; it comes out of firewall and goes to transmission

The speedometer needs to work in a vehicle for safety and informative reasons. The causes of it intermittently working could be the lack of electricity, or a problem with the sensor.รŠ

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possible cable Remove from transmission and check if in one piece - if not remove speedometer head and replace cable to transmission and head

There may be several reasons whey the digital speedometer might not work. The first is that the LED light may have burned out. The second is that the fuse may have gone out. It also might have a bad speedometer cable.

It is possible for a speedometer to go on and off on a 1995 Honda Accord because the parts are worn out. A new speedometer mechanism may be necessary. Also, check to see if there are any loose parts. Rain and debris from a roadway can cause damage to the speedometer cable.

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