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Why are there different back swings in tennis?


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Different back swings in tennis yield different types of spin, speed, and direction of your ball. You use different back swings to have a variety of shots in your game. During ground stroke rallies you can hit with a full back swing and follow through that make the balls land deep in the court. This will most likely be a "flat" or no spin shot. You can limit your back swing and body rotation. When you do this with your back swing you are hitting a finesse shot such as a drop shot. Your opponent then must be ready to run for a short ball and/or to react to a slice spin. To hit topspin, use a looping back swing that often looks exaggerated. Balls with topspin rise up in the air and sometimes appear like they are going to be out. However, the topspin brings the ball back down quickly and the resulting bounce can be very high.


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