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There are 3 or 4 at the most with only one with five. The reason is the fact that not all of the energy (100%) that the chain began with is passed on. Only 10% of the energy of the first level is passed to the second level. Of that 10% only 10% of that is passed on.
That is 0.1 x 0.1= 0.01. That is now 1%. Of this 1% only 10% is passed on. 0.01 x 0.10 = 000.1 That is 0.1%. We are at only at the second level. To go further there is only 10% of 0.01% is left to be passed on. That means that there is very little left for a large number of consumers in the third level.

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Because of the amount of energy lost between trophic levels.

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The answer is because there is not enough energy

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it be like that

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Q: Why are there rarely more than four links in a food chain?
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What is the greatest number of links a food chain could have?

It depends on the length of the chain and the size of the links. A chain as a unit of measure is 66 feet long. Four rods equals one chain. A link is 0.04 rod, or 7.92 inches. There are 100 links in a chain.

Why is there usually no more than four or five stages in a food chain?

There cannot be too many links in a food chain. Food chains always begin with a plant and end with an animal. If there are more than 4 or 5 links in the chain , there will not be enough food for the animals at the end of the chain.

What level of the food chain is a vulture?

The Peregrine Falcon is a carnivore - and thus, should exist in either level three or, very rarely, level four of any food chain.

What factor prevents a food chain from becoming longer than three or four links?

because of the amount of energy lost between trophic levels

What are the four main part of food chain?

the four main parts of the food chain are Sun, Producers, Consumers and Decomposers .

What are four examples of a food chain?

food chain in pond: Algae -->Protozoa-->Small Fish --> Big fish

How many organisms were in the first food chain?

how many organisms are in the first food chain

Where would a lion belong in a food chain?

a four link food chain is a food chain that only has four organism links, these include: producer - usually a plant primary consumer - a herbivore secondary consumer - a carnivore tertairy (ter-sha-ry) consumer - usually an omnivore (both herbivore and carnivore) sometimes there is one other organism link and that is decomposer - a bacteria or fungi

What is an example of a food chain in tropical rainforest?

The tropical rainforest food chain has four levels. The four levels are the primary producers, the primary consumers, secondary consumers and the tertiary consumers.

The pyramid which best explains why there are typically only four to five links in a food chain is the pyramid of 1. energy. 2. productivity.3. biomass.4. matter. 5. number?


How many tropical levels are therein the following food chain sunflower beetle mouse?

It depends. A food chain could be fairly long with about four or five steps in it, or a food chain could have just two.

How can you join four chains of three links each to create a continuous loop with less than four cuts?

Take one chain and cut all 3 of its links. Then use those links to join the rest of the chains together.