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This answer is from Kelly M. Harris, Director of Marketing at the Supreme Court Historical Society:

Turtles are found in numerous locations in the architecture of the Supreme Court building. They are found supporting the lampposts at the entrances and exits of the ground level and also in one of the corners of the 2nd Street pediment (opposite corner has a hare). The turtle symbolizes longevity, and the slow - yet deliberate pace of justice which is why architect Cass Gilbert chose to use them as a feature in this magnificent structure.

Of the many other symbols, used a few of are: the ram - symbolizing strength, the owl - symbolizing wisdom, and the lion - symbolizing guardianship.

For more information on the Supreme Court Historical Society and gift purchases, see Related Links, below.

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How do you gift evony cents?

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Who said Today is a gift?

the turtle from kung fu panda

What are the release dates for The Gift Supreme - 1920?

The Gift Supreme - 1920 was released on: USA: 30 March 1920 (premiere) USA: April 1920

Can I sue someone I got a cellphone for on my credit and they didnt pay the bill?

Yes, if you can provide proof to the court that they agreed to pay and it was not a gift.Yes, if you can provide proof to the court that they agreed to pay and it was not a gift.Yes, if you can provide proof to the court that they agreed to pay and it was not a gift.Yes, if you can provide proof to the court that they agreed to pay and it was not a gift.

How much do two turtle doves cost?

Two turtle doves are known as what is presented as a gift in the Twelve Days of Christmas song. The cost of two turtle doves today would be $110 in the United States.

Who invented the crunch wrap supreme?

It came from Taco Bell because they have a gift.

Income estate and gift taxes would be the subjects of the cases heard in which court?

Income estate and gift taxes would be the subjects of the cases heard in U.S. Tax Court.

Can a gift deed be taking away in court?

Yes. If the court finds compelling evidence of fraud or undue influence, the deed can be nullified.

What was true loves gift on the second day of Christmas?

The song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was published in England in 1780. According to the lyrics, on the second day of Christmas, true love's gift was two turtle doves.

Who said today is a gift that's why they call it the present?

In Kung Fu Panda, Master Oogway, the turtle kungfu master, said that. :D

What is the criteria for Court fee for cancellation of gift deed?

court fee for the cancelation of a deed the % on the face value present on the the deed..........P.Raghupathireddy Advocate 09642404040

Who honors border's gift cards?

No one. Sorry, they are worthless based on the bankruptcy court ruling.

Can a court force a person to return a wedding gift if the wedding never takes place?

a court only takes serious cases not cases about wedding gifts

If you pay more child support than ordered is it considered a gift?

Yep. Unless you pay the additional amount through the court and ask that it be applied to later payments it is a gift.

How can father show proof of taking care of child to the court to not pay child support?

Regardless of clear evidence, without a court order, it's considered a gift.

What is the jurisdiction of the US Tax Court?

cases involving federal income, estate, gift, and transfer taxes

If a car was a gift and you had a verbal agreement under term and conditions which was not met can you take the car back from the person even though its in their name and do not want to sign the title?

The key to this is your word "gift" and a gift means you can't take it back. You gave it to them. A court won't find in your favor because it was a gift.

How do you gift over without the aid of a court?

Depending on WHAT it is that you want to give as a 'gift' it would be wise to consult with an attorney in order not to run into legal problems down the road, either for you OR the recipient.

If someone gives a gift then decides they want it back do you have to give it to them?

Normally if someone gives you a gift it is yours to keep forever. The person could take you to court to get it back or get the value of it but unless they could prove it was not a gift, but a loan, they would lose their case.

Can alimony payments made directly to spouse instead of through the court be considered a gift instead of a payment?

If the payments do not go through the court, they are not counted as being made as ordered.

Are cancelled checks proof of paying child support?

If there's a court order you are paying on, but without a court order, anything you give her can be considered a gift. see links below

What is the jurisdiction of the U.S. Tax Court?

cases involving federal income estate gift and transfer taxes

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