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The names might be too long to be written on the periodic table, so symbols are preferred.


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Symbols are used to shorten the names of the elements.

The symbols for the elements of the periodic table are often very similar to their names. In cases where they are different from their names, it is usually because of their name in Latin or German.

Symbols of the chemical elements are abbreviated forms of the names.

because symbols are a lot easier to remember.

Elements have symbols. They are used in periodic table.

It is filled with the names (or chemical symbols) of elements.

You can say it by the chemical symbols, which are easier to remember then the names!

If by symbols you mean the abbreviations for element names like Aluminum's is Al. The symbols are called atomic symbols.

The periodic table usually displays the symbols and names of the elements, along with information about the structure of their atoms.

There are few elements that have different symbols as compared to their names. Examples are sodium, potassium, tin, lead.

Well the Periodic table is not an Alphabet chart that needs to inculde all the letters. Elements in the Periodic table get their names from Greek language and so do their symbols and IUPAC is incharge of that.

Symbols represent name of the element. They signify the position of element in periodic table.

The chemical symbols are used as abbreviations for the chemical names.

The names on the periodic table of Mendeleev are the names of chemical elements.

All the elements listed on periodic table has symbols for them.There are total 118 elements in periodic table.

The letters on the periodic table represent the name of the elements. They are called the element's "symbols." They are usually related to the English names, but some, like lead, are related to their Latin names.

The periodic table is for chemical elements, not for planets. Some chemical elements are named after the names of planets: mercury, uranium, plutonium, neptunium.

there are no animal names in the periodic table.

He is the chemical symbol for Helium. In the periodic table we use the chemical symbols to identify elements easily because some elements have rather long names.

the periodic table shows the elements forular/symbols

The letters in the periodic table stand for the symbols of the elements.

They are not but their symbols are. For example: The first element in the Periodic Table is hydrogen and its' symbol is H.

The letters on the periodic table are the chemical symbols of the chemical elements.

To avoid confusion, all of the symbols on the periodic table are standardised, and are the same all over the world.

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