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Why are viruses dangerous?

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Many illnesses and diseases are carried in viruses. The flu, AIDS is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency VIRUS (HIV). as well as many other illnesses

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Viruses are nanoparticles, and they can be dangerous.

RNA viruses are more dangerous because they mutate more rapidly than DNA viruses.

i think it is mostly Computer viruses that are dangerous

these are very dangerous to your personal data .

There are no known phone viruses

Bacteria, viruses, fungus

They tend to be especially dangerous due to two reasons; first, we lack information about them, such as what causes the disease, and secondly, we lack treatments against them. Because viruses can't be treated with antibiotics, they automatically impose a larger threat. Viruses can be fought with vaccines; however, we don't have these for emerging viruses.

yes, lunapic has viruses it gave me a worm that has turned into a virus stay away from it it's dangerous and can harm your computer.

love bug is one of the most dangerous virus

It Depends On If It Has Viruses Or Not If It Does Then It Can Harm Your Computer

They may contain unwanted files, such as viruses or nonsense.

Spyware, Trojan, Adware. I this these are dangerous computer malwares.

No... It does not give you any dangerous cookies and you don't have to download anything to play it

Roblox is a safe game. However, viruses are always dangerous.

There's so many here's a few:TrojanWormBloodhoundBeastThose are the most common and dangerous viruses.

Every virus can infect some kind of organism, but not all viruses can infect people. The tobacco mosaic virus infects tobacco plants, for example. One could argue that it is still dangerous, at least to the livelihood of tobacco farmers. But we could find viruses that infect species that are not important to people.

Any of these downloading progs can put viruses on your computer especially through the Gnutella P2P Program network. Very dangerous and illegal.

Yes it causes viruses and my bffl got raped because of that site.

It is not a virus now that they improved it but still be careful.

Viruses cause many diseases, in human beings and also in other species.

Viruses, Scams, Hacking and that's all I can think of.

No. Dangerous viruses die in high-oxygen areas. There have been no cases of people getting infected with HIV or hepatitis through dried blood. These viruses are too weak and cannot survive without a host, which dies when the blood dries.

Yes, some websites are in fact very dangerous. This is because visiting these site can cause viruses and add malware to your computer system.

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