Why are watches adjusted to ten past ten in any advertisement?

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Many years ago they were set at 12.00 o'clock but someone realised that ten minutes to ten looks like a smiling face and thus more customer friendly. Watches and clocks for sale have been so set ever since.

The symmetry of the hands of the watchface makes for a subconciously pleasing effect.

Also when many watches are displayed they are all at the same time to look neat and uniform. So it's become an industry standard.
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 Source(s): Once you just set the time, showing ten past ten, notice the needles displaying 'V' that stands for 'victory'! Even a hand showing two fingers 'V' indicate's the one to be lucky n the winner.
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It is due to symmetry; it looks good to have the hands symmetrical and spread apart - it sells watches better. Often, the watch is advertised as 20 minutes past 8, which is also symmetrical. Also, these positions usually allow a clear view of the manufacturers' name and logo.

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