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light rays are reflected off the object

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Does light travel through air?

yes. that is why you are able to see objects. light reflects off objects allowing you to see.

How you are able to see objects that do not give off light?

because the light that you have in your room is reflected in your eyes and you are able to see it

What able to see distant objects clearly but nearby objects appear blurry?


Able to see distant objects clearly?


How did a telescope help Galileo discover objects?

It helped him see outside the Earth's atmosphere,with then enabled him to be able to see other different objects such as stars.

When viewing objects under-power the field of view is smaller but you are able to see more details?

when viewing objects under high-power, the field of view is smaller, but you are able to see more details.

What charasteristic of light energy causes people to be able to see objects?


What are transparents objects?

One object that is transparent is glass. You are able to see through it.

How has the invention of the telescope helped scientists understand objects in the sky?

They are able to see further into space now and see more detail of certain objects. Before telescopes, it was all observation astronomy. Whatever you could see with your naked eye was it. Once the telescope was invented, they were able to see more detail of our night sky. Scientists were able to identify and watch celestial objects over periods of time. watching their movements

How are you able to see objects that do not give off light?

An object that does not give off light on itself is still able to reflect incoming light. This is the case with most objects arount you that you see, precisely, because they receive light from the Sun or from some lamp.

How do you see objects?

we see objects with our (your) eyes

What would happen if you damaged the visual cortex?

You may be able to see, but you might not be able to recognize objects. For example, your sister could walk in the room and you would be able to actually see her but if asked who she is you wouldn't be able to identify her as your sister.

You are able to see non-luminous objects because light has undergone?

diffuse reflection

What does it mean if you are nearsighted?

Nearsightedness means that a person is able to see close objects clearly, but far away objects are blurry. It is also known as myopia.

What are the medical terms meaning nearsighted and farsighted?

Myopia: Nearsighted: Able to see objects up close, but objects at a distance are out of focus. Presbyopia: Difficulty focusing on objects that are up close. This is naturally occurs with aging. It is the condition when someone has to use reading glasses to be able to read or focus on objects within arm's length. Hyperopia: Farsighted: Able to focus on objects that are far away, but objects up close are out of focus.

Why cannot you see the moon and all the other objects during the day time?

Well you can see the moon during the day time maybe its because the objects (planets or stars) are ages away. Also since its bright in the day time that also could affect being able to see or not to see the objects.

Do only shiny objects reflect light?

No, everything that we can see (besides objects the produce light eg sun, light bulb) reflect light. If it didn't reflect light we would not be able to see it.

How many feet to the rear should you be able to see objects through the rearview mirror?

200 feet

How can you see objects?

You can see objects with your own two eyes.

Are ants color-blind?

Ants are not color blind. They may not be able to see colors as sharply as humans, but see the colors of objects.

Various types of eye defects?

Well, the most common would be hyperobia, which is being able to see far objects well, myopia which is being able to see near objects clearly. There is also astigmatism, which is a cornea or lens shaped weirdly. There are many more but these are the most common.

What do a fire and a flashlight have in common?

A fire and a flashlight are able to add light to the dark to help people see objects.

You are able to see objects around us because of what?

The light from its source is reflected by the objects into our eyes. Light travels in a straight line; therefore, when its path is blocked, it will change directions.

If we cant see atoms why can we see objects?

Because the objects that you can see are made up of many atoms.

How many feet to the rear should you be able to see objects through the rearview mirror regardless of load?

1,000 feet