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As Werewolves are but mythical creatures, conjured up in the minds of fantasy writers. they can be killed by what ever mean the writer fancies. The same question may be asked Why did the Lone Ranger prefer to use silver bullets, because they were supposed to reach their intended victim faster, when in actual fact only 0.2 of a second was gained in speed. You might ask why is Superman affected by Kryptonite? The writer may take a many liberties as they wish.

Hmph. Werewolves are indeed real, my friend. Not fictional. Why else is my friend one, and why else is he biting me soon?

No really knows for sure. I have researched and all I have found out that it gives them a rash! i suspect that it may have something to do with the moon but one site I was on suggested that maybe people mistook Mercury for silver.

Silver is the moon metal. Therefore because of the connection with the moon it was supposed to have an advert reaction to the moon's effect on the Lycanthrope. ((First time poster: .))

In the Medieval Ages Silver was more precious then Gold was and so they believed Silver had this "cleansing" effect-like holy water.

Actually, we are real. I don't know why silver effects some of us, but it doesn't effect every werewolf. It burns me and leaves a small mark, but I don't know why. I just depends on the person really.

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Q: Why are werewolves allergic to silver?
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Find a werewolf and touch him with the silvery material in question. If you have real silver, the werewolf's flesh will quickly burn. If it is fake, it will not burn. If you do decide to use this method, however, please exercise caution. Werewolves have been known to violently attack and eat people without provocation.

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Why there were people allergic to silver does it mean they are werewolves also?

No.Werewolves are fictional (not real) creatures invented by writers of novels.

What are werewolves allergic to?

were wolves are mostly allergic to silver nitrate or sterling silver they can recover from any thing in a matter of days but if you use silver they WILL NOT be able to regenerate the other way to kill a werewolf is to separate its head from its heart such as shooting it in the head

How does shoe polish kill werewolves?

Shoe polish has silver nitrate in it and silver kills werewolves.

Do photos harm werewolves?

No, the only thing that can harm werewolves are silver bullets and silver stakes. However, if you happen to get a picture of one...

What is a werewolves weakness?

Silver it burns our flesh

Can wolves get sick if they touch silver?

You are thinking of werewolves, not wolves. Wolves are not harmed by touching silver. Silver bullets are traditionally used to kill werewolves. But of course, werewolves are mythical creatures. People cannot actually turn into wolves, although some people act as if they do.

How can a werewolf be killed?

In stories about werewolves, if you shoot one with a sliver bullet it will die. Silver also hurts werewolves.

Are werewolves killed by gold bullets?

No, werewolves can't be killed by gold bullets. It is actually SILVER bullets that kill them.

Is it possible to kill werewolves with a silver bullet in Harry Potter?

yes it is

How are werewolves killed?

Werewolves are killed by being of course--as always and everyone--being severed across the neck--off with its head! Silver bullets? Hmm...

What are werewolfs weakness?

silver (oh and just so you know its not werewolfs its werewolves)

Is silver known to cause any death's or heath problems?

Some people can simply be allergic to the silver. People with piercings that didn't know that they were allergic to silver would have irritation and the occasional swelling.