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In any machine some energy is always lost as heat. In a wind turbine most of this will be created by friction between parts.

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Q: Why are wind turbines not 100 percent efficient?
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Are turbines 100 percent efficient?

Basically, almost NO physical process is 100% efficient.

How many turbines are there at the Thanet offshore wind farm?

Thanet Offshore Wind Farm has 100 x 3MW turbines.

How efficient are wind turbines?

They are not very effecient. a wind turbine that is 50 % effecient is very effecient compared to other wind turbines. this is because most of the kinetic energy is changed into heat instead of electrical energy.

Is a nuclear generator 100 percent efficient?

No, no machine is 100% efficient.

How come some turbines can take 20 percent of co2 with 80 percent methane while other turbines ask for 100 percent methane?

It Just depends on who Built the Turbine, far-en turbines use more co2 than turbines made near you.

How efficient is a small space heater?

it is not very efficientAnswerThey are 100 percent efficient.

Are electric heaters 100 percent efficient?

No. Nothing is 100 percent efficient. In any situation some energy will be given off in a form that is useless to us.

Explain why machines are not 100 percent efficient?

because they are not proper

When will frictionless engine be 100 percent efficient?

at 0'kelvin

What heat dissipation mechanism is lost when humidity approaches 100 percent?

Sweating is no longer efficient near 100 percent humidity.

Why are no machines 100 percent efficient?

Some energy is lost to friction.

How do you get wind energy and how is wind energy obtained?

Wind energy is obtained by placing wind turbines in high-wind areas. The rotation of the turbine spins multiple large gears which power a generator, which in turn generates 100% green energy.