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because all woodwind instruments use reeds

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Why are woodwind instruments called that way?

They are called woodwinds because of the reeds the reeds are made out of wood so therefore they are called woodwind instruments and brass instruments don't use use reeds so they are not woodwind instruments

What are the different woodwind instruments called?

Woodwind instruments can be put into two different categories, flutes and reeds. Examples of woodwind instruments are piccolo, flute, oboe, cor anglais, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, contrabassoon, bagpipes and recorder.

Why is the string family called the backbone of the orchestra?

Why is the string section called "The backbone of the orchestra"

What are the bassoon and the English horn called?

double reed woodwind instruments.

Why are the instruments called the woodwind family?

because they need wind to make them play.

What are the 2 groups of woodwind instruments called?

Single reed (saxophone, clarinet) and double reed (oboe, basson)

What kind of orchestra does not use wind instruments?

Generally, this is called a "string orchestra" although it could be anything.

What is the first section of violin in an orchestra?

The first section of violins is called First Violins. They often have the melody and are accompanied by the rest of the orchestra.

How many string instruments are there in an orchestra?

There are only four: the violin, the viola, the bass, and the cello. The bass is also called double bass. The harp is not in the string section but it is in the orchestra. The violins are typically divided into two sections called 1st violins and 2nd violins and separate musical parts are written for each section.

Where did the name woodwind come from?

The name woodwind came from the material that most instruments in this class use a small wooden piece on the mouthpiece, called a 'reed'.

What are seats in a concert called near the stage?

It's called the "Orchestra" section.

What are all the wind instruments called?

If you're talking about meterology and the weather, the instrument that measures the wind is called an Anemometer. However, in terms of musical instruments, they are plainly refered to as the Wind Instruments, but can be further divided into two groups, the Brass Instruments and the Woodwind Instruments.

What is the modern symphony orchestra is typically made up of?

A string sections with mostly violins, plus other string instruments such as viola and bass. A brass section with trumpets, french and english horns and a tuba, euphoniums or other large brass instrument if called for by the piece being played. a woodwind section with flutes, oboe, lariney, bassoon, piccolos. A reed section with and a percussion section with various kinds of impact instruments such as kettle drums, snare drums, bells, bars, and a piano if called for. And a baton for the conductor. It would include any instrument designated by the composer. Even a choir can serve as a musical instrument as in the last part of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

Why are the families in orchestra called families?

Because they are a united group, a team of instruments, a family!

What are string instuments called?

string instruments are called strings section

Which instruments in a band have reeds?

Instruments with reeds are called woodwinds. You would find several woodwind instruments in a regular band. These instruments are: * Clarinet * Oboe * Bassoon * Bass Clarinet * Contrabass Clarinet * Flute (though it does not have a reed, it is considered a woodwind) * Alto Saxophone * Tenor Saxophone * Baritone Saxophone (commonly known as "Bari Sax")

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