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because she is not married so she is not pregnant Pregnancy is a result of sexual intercourse, not of marriage. Many societies disapprove of pregnancy outside marriage, but there are many girls who get pregnant outside marriage.

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no it doesnt look like it so im sure shes not.. and who wouldve gotten her pregnant?? not zac She's 19 how could she be pregnant???????????????????????????

well no one really knows for sure but i think they have because how would vanessa have got pregnant if they hadnt he has never slept with her because she isn't pregnant

vanessa hudgens is not pregnant, so no - she is not pregnant because of zac efron!!

Vanessa Anne Hudgens never got pregnant.

vanessa is still a virgin (not pregnant)

Vanessa Hudgens isn't pregnant.

No, Vanessa Hudgens Isn't pregnant.

Vanessa Hudgens is not pregnant.

Vanessa hudgens was and has never been pregnant

Zac Efron is NOT gay and Vanessa is NOT pregant. First Zac is with Vanessa and Vanessa is not a man so I guess that means that he isnt. Vanessa was NEVER pregant but people say she is.

No, all of the rumors are untrue. she is not pregnant.

No she is not and you need to learn how to spell pregnant

I would not say Zac is getting girls pregnant but he did say he wanted a baby with Ashley Tisdeal but the HSM came and Vanessa Hudgens came and he is now dating Vanessa and is wanting to get Vanessa pregnant.

Cause the last week or month her mom was pregnant with her a butterfly sat on the stomach and didn't wanna leave so her mom decided to name her Vanessa that means butterfly

no.but Vanessa is pregnant:).but theres a possible chance its his

She doesn't show any sign of being pregnant, so it's unknown.

No, she is not pregnant.

No Zac efron and Vanessa Hudgens has not ran away and no she isn't pregnant either

As of February 2013, no announcement has been made; she is not pregnant.

Your tubes get tied so you will not get pregnant (97% sure) Nothing but abstanance is 100% sure

Yes, I am pretty sure Vanessa does.....

No Dude not at all.i will tell you when she get pregnant.

There is no information online about her currently being pregnant but she does have two daughters.

No theydon't have a child & they probably had sex but no they don't. plus Vanessa is not pregnant never was!