Why are young mountains jagged?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Why are young mountains jagged?
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What is the difference between young mountain and mature mountain?

young mountains are jagged on top, older mountains are smoother

What range of mountains with jagged peaks?

Can anytone tell me the range of mountains with jagged peaks - i - r - a Sierra

Why are mountains jagged?

Mountains are jagged because that is how they are formed. As they get older, erosion will begin to smooth them out so they appear rounder.

Why are young mountains sharp and jagged while the peaks of an old mountains are rounded?

because older mountains are more exposed to the elements such as rain and storms which wear down the jagged points. Actually, the sharpness or bluntness of the peaks of a mountain indicates the strength of the rock from which they are formed, and says nothing about their age.

What is the difference between and old mountain and a young mountain?

Old mountains are usually eroded down to their roots (e.g. the Scottish Highlands) while young mountains are usually high a pointy (e.g. the Himalayas). mountains that are jagged at the top are new mountains that are more rounded are old

Why are the peaks of the rocky mountains are higher and more jagged than the Appalachian mountains because?

The Appalachian mountains are about 400-500 million years old and have thus been eroded down. The Rocky mountains are very young (they are still being built) and are therefore much higher and jagged as the forces of erosion have not yet had time to grind them away.

What is a Jagged ridge that forms in the mountains?


How do jagged mountains turn into smooth mountains?

Wind and water erosion makes the mountains smooth.

What causes some folded mountains to be steep and jagged?

what is the answer what is the answer

What are characteristics of fault-blocked mountains?

they are like cube mountains

Mountain of this age has steep sides with sharp jagged peaks and narrow valleys?

A young mountain has steep sides. It also has sharp jagged peaks and narrow valleys. Older mountains are more rounded.

How can jagged mountains peaks become more rounded?

Jagged mountains peaks become more rounded by the process of weathering. This occurs as wind and rain slowly eat away at the mountain, removing tiny bits of the rocks at a time until the mountains look more rounded than jagged.