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Tarnish. Silver oxidizes very easily.

BUT - please don't try to clean them because cleaning will damage the metal and reduce their value.

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Are 1980 quarters made with silver?

NO. 1980 quarters are not silver.

Pure silver quarters?

There is no such thing as pure silver quarters, there are 90% silver quarters which are dated 1964 and earlier though in the US.

What year are silver quarters?

The last year for silver quarters was 1964.

Which quarters are silver quarters?

quarters with the date 1964 or prior

Is it better to sell silver quarters for their weight or as a quarter?

Sell silver quarters by there weight. You will probably make better money anyway from silver quarters.

The value of silver quarters?

90% silver U.S. quarters have a silver value of $7.50 as of 9-8-11.

Do 1965 quarters contain silver?

No. The last year for silver dimes and quarters was 1964.

Which quarters are silver?

All US quarters dated 1964 or before are 90% silver.

What year was silver quarters discontinued?

1964 was the last year silver quarters were made.

When was quarters silver?

All U.S. quarters dated 1964 and earlier contain silver.

What year did silver get taken out of quarters?

90% silver quarters were issued from 1794 to 1964. In 1975 & 1976 collectors coins were struck in 40% silver. Starting in 1992 90% silver quarters are in silver Proof sets.

What are silver quarters?

Silver quarters are all US quarters dated 1964 or earlier. They are made out of 90% silver and are worth several times their face value to a collector simply based on the fact they are silver.

What years are silver quarters?

All US quarters dated 1964 and before are 90% silver.

Are 1965 dimes and quarters silver?

1964 was the last year dimes and quarters were struck in silver.

How many silver quarters equal 1 silver dollar?

4 quarters = 1 dollar.

What years were the silver quarters made?

All U.S. quarters dated 1964 and earlier are silver.

How much are silver quarters worth?

As of today 12-6-11, U.S. 90% silver quarters are about $5.00 just for the silver.

What is the value of a 1972 silver quarter?

No 1972 US quarters have silver in them, the last year for silver quarters was 1964. so spend it

Which us quarters are silver?

All quarters minted before 1965 are 90% silver. In years after that, some proof quarters are 40% silver, but all of those are sold directly to collectors.

Do 1965 quarters have silver in them?

No they do not. Quarters only had silver up until 1964, and then discontinued putting silver in them. The Half-Dollar had silver up until 1970.

When did silver quarters end?

1964 was the last year that quarters were struck in 90% silver and 10% copper.

When was silver taken out of quarters?

1965. Any US quarters dated 1964 or earlier are 90% silver.

How much does 100 silver quarters weigh?

625 grams is the weight of 100 silver U.S. quarters.

How can you tell if a dime or quarters are silver?

For U.S. dimes and quarters, anything dated before 1965 is silver.

What has more silver 4 silver quarters or 1 silver dollar?

1 Morgan Silver Dollar contains 0.77344 Troy ounces of silver while 4 silver quarters contain 0.72336 ounces of silver (0.18084 X 4). The Morgan Silver Dollar contains more silver than 4 silver Quarters.

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