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Ok since I took chemistry back in middle school, I'll tell you #1: Lanthanum and Actinium are the beginning elements of the Actinide and Lanthanide series, that's why the series is named after them #2: They are chemically arranged differently (Ex:The # of protons and neutrons and electrons) #3 If they were in the series, why would the series be named after them? Hope this helped!

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Q: Why aren't Lanthanum and Actinium classified as lanthanides or actinides?
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What transition elements are called lanthanides and acttinides?

Elements La(Lanthanum)-Lu(Lutetium) are the lanthanides. Elements Ac(Actinium)-Lr(Lawrencium) are the actinides.

Which really belong to group iii - lanthanum and actinium or lutetium and lawrencium?

Lanthanum and lutetium: lantanides group Actinium and lawrentium: actinides group

What is actinium classified as?

Actinuim is a member of the family of actinides.

What is actinium classified under?

Actinuim is a member of the family of actinides. Actinium is a solid metal, radioactive with the atomic number 89.

What is the name of two series of inner Transition elements?

The lanthanide and actinide series. Trait of lanthanide: Lanthanum, element 57. Trait of actinide: actinium, element 89.

What is lanthanum and actinium?

Lanthanum (La) and actinium (Ac) are two chemical elements, solid metals.

Lanthanum does not belong to lanthanide series actinium does not belong to anthanide series why?

After the IUPAC nomenclature lanthanum is a lanthanoid and actinium is an actinoid.

What is Ac in the periodic table?

La - Lanthanum Ac - Actinium

What are the lanthanum and actinium series set apart from the periodic table?

Lanthanum and actinium have different properties. So, they are kept apart from the periodic table.

What has the author K W Bagnall written?

K. W. Bagnall has written: 'Lanthanides and actinides' -- subject(s): Actinide elements, Rare earth metals 'Chemistry of the rare radioelements: polonium-actinium' -- subject(s): Actinium, Polonium, Radiochemistry

Where are the actinides placed in the periodic table?

The actinide series encompasses the 15 metallic chemical elements with atomic numbers from 89 to 103, actinium through lawrencium. There are two rows below the periodic table, the first row is lanthanides and the second row is actinides.

What are the series below the periodic table called?

Lanthanum and Actinium