Why aren't hats allowed in school?

The are numerous reasons that hats are banned in schools:

  • It is impolite to wear hats indoors. Men should always remove their hats when entering a building.
  • They can block the view of people behind them.
  • The colors are often associated with gangs.
  • People play games with them, taking them and playing keep away, etc.
  • Hats can increase the transmission of lice
  • They can be used to conceal weapons or cheating implements

intresting but i don't think that's what they meant . it is mostly couse it comes from long ago and then people used not to wear hats inside a building at all couse it meant disrespect to god and the house owner and other stuff like that and the reasons above came later couse now,we like less idiotic reasons for doing something and it is so uncool