Why aren't soap stars more famous than movie stars since soap stars are on TV almost every day of the week?

Have you watched a soap opera? They are rediculous (excuse the opinion, but many others feel the same way and that is why they don't win more awards or get recognized like a movie star). There are a few soap stars who make it to the big screen and are successful, but the ones who remain on soaps are just bad actors. They blur the picture so everyone looks perfect, the story line is about rich and famous people having problems with love, murder and there is plenty of drama. Many people are annoyed by soaps, that is why they aren't famous - it just isn't taken seriously.

I see what you are saying, but . . .

but a good number, more than you think, of people have used soaps to vault onto the big screen and have landed other deals with cable networks, and have done quite well, as well as have used their soap publicity to jump from one soap to another better one, or to do modelling jobs or any other kind of commerical, such as cologne, perfume, underwear, whatever. Some of these celebrities include Kelly Ripa (Live with Regis & Kelly), Justin Bruening (Knight Rider), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Various Movies), Jesse McCartney (Singer/Songwriter), Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), etc.

Do your research on your actors, and you will find out more than a few of your fave actors and primetime shows star were previous soap stars.

But i think..it's because they're on during daytime mostly, or when people are having dinner. So a lot of people don't watch them. but movies, you can watch anytime again and again.