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bar graphs are useful for comparing data b/c you cn actually see what the difference is between them.

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Q: Why bar graphs are useful for comparing data?
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Explain why bar graphs are useful for comparing data?

so you know the relationship between the 2 variables

Bar graphs are useful for showing?

data of what u want

What is a double bar graph used for?

double bar graphs are used for comparing data between 2 different things.

What are bar graphs for?

bar graphs are for measuring points of data.

What are the meaning of bar graphs line graphs pie graphs in tagalog?

Bar graphs show an '''amount''' of data. Line graphs show data '''over time.''' Pie graphs show a '''percentage''' in the data.

What is the definition of bar graphs?

Bar graphs are used to display grouped data

How are bar graphs useful in geography?

bar graphs aid geographical understanding as they enable simple comparisons to be made and can be used to display a variety of data such as populations. Also there are many different types of bar graphs that can display different types of data. For example a compound could be used to show the populations in different countries in different years. Divergent bar graphs can also show positive and negative data.

What are bar graphs used for?

Bar graphs are usually used for comparing. You could go into more detail, but that's the gist of it..

What type of graphs use categorical data?

bar graphs use categorical data

What are Bar graphs are useful for representing?

Comparison :)

How do you identify statistics problem?

Statistics involve the comparing of sets of data and can be in the form of line graphs, pictograms, bar charts or pie charts

What Tree types of graphs to display data?

line graphs, bar graphs,and circle

How are bar graphs and picture graphs alike?

Both bar graphs and picture graphs show statistics (data) in a visual (graphic) form.

Why bar graphs are not useful?

Actually, they are useful. At least in some cases.

What are 2 graphs that compare 2 sets of data?

Bar graphs can compare two sets of data, as well as line graphs and circle graphs. To better improve my answer, double line graphs and double bar graphs compare two sets of data. Circle graphs cannot however, because they compare parts of a whole instead of, as a bar graph would, the amount of something. A circle graph is also incapable of showing data growth over a period of time, as line graphs do. All in all, circle graphs cannot compare to sets of data, and bar graphs and line graphs must be doubled to do so.

Why are bar graphs used?

bar graphs are simply used like any other graphs just to figure out any kind of data.

What kinds of data are there?

like its a bar graphs

Do bar graphs represent data?

sometimes they can

What is are the differences between circle graphs line graphs and bar graphs?

Circle graphs show data in a circle, while line graphs are akin to join the dots, and a bar graph shows data in vertical or horizontal bars, but all three show the same data results.

Bar graphs are most useful for representing?


What type of graph is most useful for science data?

if you are graphing a change over time, a line graph. if you are comparing data, it's a bar graph.

What are four ways that you can graphically present data?

You can use pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs and scatter point graphs to present data.

How are line bar and pie graphs the same?

They both show a set of data. Line graphs show data over time. Pie graphs show percentages in data.

Why do you use bar graphs?

to show the result of data

Why can bar graphs be converted to line graphs?

They can both show the same data. You can use quantitative or categorical data with both of them.