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Because there are no atoms to collide with to transfer the heat energy from the sun, thus, there is no conduction. This is also the same reason that there are no convection currents in space; There are no atoms to collide with to transfer heat. Thus, the only possible way to transfer heat is by radiation.

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Q: Why can't heat travel from the sun by convection or conduction?
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Why can heat travel through space by radiation but not by conduction or convection?

Because conduction and convection require particles to transfer heat. Space is a vacuum (has no particles in it) so convection and conduction cannot occur.

Does heat travel as longitudinal wave?

No. Heat can traveled by conduction, convection, or radiation. Conduction and convection do not involve waves. When heat travels be electromagnetic radiation it takes the form of transverse waves.

What is the differ of conduction and convection?

conduction by itself is slower to heat but conduction and convection is faster to heat

Heat can travel by?

Heat can travel in 3 ways by conduction in solids, convection of fluids (liquids or gases), and radiation.

What is it called when Heat energy moves through a liquid?

You are probably thinking of convection, which is transfer of heat by currents set up by variations in density of the liquid.

Heat can be moved through liquid and gas by what?

Heat can travel by conduction, convection and radiation in liquids and gases.

What are the three forms of heat transfer?

convection conduction and radiation

Can heat travel by conduction through a gas?

No, it travels by convection. Heat rises in the air and then the cool air is drawn in by the heat.

What is the Movement of thermal energy is called?


Why is radiation different to conduction and convection?

because, RADIATION occurs only in vaccum.. It does not require a medium to travel... where as conduction and convection require medium to travel. CONDUCTION: heat transfer between homogenous molecules(i.e.) flow of heat inside a body from one point to another. CONVECTION: heat transfer between two mediums(i.e) flow of heat from a metal to air surrounding the metal.

Does heat travel through a liquid by conduction?

Yes, but more travels through liquids by convection.

How does heat travel in solids and liquids?

a. condensation b. conduction c. convection d. radiation