Why can't you give a bunny a bath?

You can't give a bunny a bath because:

  1. It's not necessary, and
  2. It's dangerous

Healthy bunnies clean themselves, so you shouldn't bathe them: there's zero benefits, and plenty of risks.

If the rabbit is messy, something is wrong: either you need to do better "bunny-proofing" so the rabbit stays out of messy areas, or your rabbit is sick and needs to see a vet.

If you need to bathe a messy bunny, first try a "dry bath" with baby cornstarch powder (no talc!), because this is the safest method. The second-safest method is a wet "spot bath." If you need to do a full-on bath, make sure you take certain precautions to keep the rabbit safe. See the related questions below for more details and links.