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If you mean send your own messages, then it is because they don't wantinappropriate things so they make their own messages.

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Q: Why can't you send your friend a message on our-world miniclip?
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You Cant Make Out on ourworld .

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sorry but you cant

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No I'm terribly sorry, I cant

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You cant change it

What is ourworld world account i can on with out saying you cant?

first you create your person and then you name then your pass and the you play but you have to update it = onpen the message frome the place and read it go back to the game and you can play

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someone hacked it :c

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ounce you get gems get of ourworld then get back on and you will be able to use them!! answer soon kanley P.S add me my name is "kanley" without the marks.

How do you connect facebook to miniclip?

You can do it opening Miniclip in edit profile - update profile, or just go where your avatar is on the roght, next to the picture there is a facebook icon. Hope it helps.

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well you cant really get 50 gems from a gem code

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u cant find them anywhere well i looked but i cannot find it even at the corner of Broadwalk

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