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You may have your age set incorrectly in your YouTube profile. To watch age restricted videos, change your age.

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Q: Why can't you watch age restricted videos on YouTube despite being 18 years old?
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Does being a YouTube partner cost?

no! if you are a partner then you get paid for making YouTube videos!

Do you have to pay to be a member in YouTube and to put videos on?

No. Both being having a YouTube account and uploading videos are free. You only have to pay if you promote one of your videos.

Can a kid get taken away from his parents if he does YouTube videos?

If a kid does youtube videos, it does not prevent the kid from being taken away from his parents for other reasons. If a kid does youtube videos, and there is sufficiently objectionable content in them, that might warrant the kid being taken away from his parents.

My youtube videos are not counted in live time whats the problem?

You will need to contact the YouTube support team to find out why your videos are not being counted in live time.

Who owns the company which organizes and puts YouTube videos out?

The company who owns the company which organizes and puts YouTube videos out most likely being referred to is TEVO. However, individual users upload videos themselves.

Do I need a WMV converter to post videos on YouTube?

There are quite a few websites that give you step by step instructions on how to post your videos on youtube. Youtube accepts most of the video formats that are being used by people.

Where can videos of a cast being removed be found?

You can find videos of a cast being removed on Daily Motion, Vimeo and Youtube. The selection all depends on the number of uploads there are of cast removal videos.

Does watching videos on YouTube affect monthly internet download allowence?

In a word, yes.Even though you are not downloading the Youtube videos, the data is still being transferred to your computer so that you can watch them.

Do you have to pay when you upload videos on YouTube?

No. You can pay to have it promoted on the front page or in various advertising boxes, but the basic service of having videos up there is free. In fact, popular videos receive money FROM YouTube for being popular and generating views.

How many YouTube videos are there?

845,177,209,022That was an approx. answer there's no way you can be for sure how many videos are on YouTube because at this very moment, every minute/second there's a video being uploaded so lets say you do an estimate of YouTube videos you could say there are 500,000,000,000 videos on YouTube, but as soon as you say that there could be 700,000,000,000 more added. 200,000,000,000 more videos added to the site seconds later. Since YT (YouTube) is world wide. My estimate is probably around 800,000,000,000 (and counting and subtracting). The reason why I say subtracting is because videos are also being deleted every second as well.Bottom line... You can't predict how many videos are on YT.

Why wont my computer let me make YouTube videos full screen?

youtube is being controlled by aliens forcing regular people like us to sit and watch videos in regular screen size

Why did amarie bermudez delete her youtube videos?

She's in the process of being signed to a recording lable.