Why can it be dangerous to go on to rubbish tips?

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It is hazardous and harmful to human and the enironment
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Are white tip and black tip sharks dangerous?

Coral Reef White Tip Sharks are known for attacking humans; black tips from what i know don't show aggression to humans. black tip sharks are known for attacking humans but attacks have never been fatal

Where does our rubbish go?

Rubbish usually ends up in a landfill. Some local councils separate rubbish into recyclables, organics and rubbish. Recyclables are recycled, organics go into compost or a methane producer and rubbish then goes to landfill.

Where does rubbish go?

Rubbish goes to the landfill sites when they can't be recycled. They can also be burned at an incinerator and then go to a lanfil site or it can just be dumped there.

In what way is rubbish dangerous to wildlife?

Because the animals can swallow the rubbish and die ecspecially chewing gum and animals can get their heads stuck in beer holders and other small things like boxes and the pollution is killing the animals in the sea and on land.

How is rubbish dangerous to humans?

Rubbish can be dangerous to humans because of the things that cangrow on the rubbish. Mold can make you sick.

What are safety tips to avoid rattlesnakes dangers?

Keep at least a foot away from a snake and when you see it approaching you quietly make an attempt to run.Run somewhere where it is high to where a snake can not reach you.Keep quiet.

What do you do with rubbish?

Rubbish is another name for garbage. Rubbish should be taken awayeach week by the garbage man and disposed of at a land fillproperly.

Where does the rubbish go?

Assuming that rubbish = trash all trash that isn't recycled goes to land fills; if it is biodegradable it decomposes and fertilizes the soil around it; if it is not it can sit on the ground for millions of years this causes the land to fill up with trash; this is the reason that non degradable pla ( Full Answer )

If a tip is left for a waiter does it have to go to him?

Every restaurant is different. Sometimes when you leave a tip the money from all waitress' or waiters are pooled and divided (bus boys may get some of the tip money as well.) With other waitress' and waiters they may be able to keep the tip for themselves. Generally you tip a waiter 15 percent if th ( Full Answer )

Where does rubbish go after it's collected?

Rubbish has many potential routes to follow after collection: . It can be sorted into metals, plastics glass etc. for recycling . It can be incinerated for heat and power . It can be buried in a sanitary landfill

Does this website have any tips on going green?

Water conservation is an effective way to go green. Fresh water levels in many parts of the world have dropped significantly. Water shortage is a growing concern. Under such circumstances, water conservation is one of the most important ways to protect the environment. Here's a website that has expl ( Full Answer )

Tips on going green for buisnesses?

Recycle, get water generators and look into solar and wind electricity generators. You can do solar panels and wind turbines for less then you think.

Where did the villages rubbish and toilet waste go?

Everywhere. Out windows, into rivers, on the streets, rubbish piles. They collected urine for the salt peter as an ingredient for making gun powder and some crafts like leather making used it in processing leather. It was a very stinky and dirty time.

Is there any tips for going into year 7?

-Keep out the way of any dodgy people. -Be willing to make new friends. -Make a good impression as you only have one chance to make a first impression. -Try your hardest(work well). -Join in clubs and get involved. -Just enjoy yourself, the first couple of weeks are bound to be scary but trust me, ( Full Answer )

Going to a muse concert tomorrow tips?

Muse concerts are energetic and extremely fun. Wear fun clothes, ie. skinny jeans and a graphic tee, and bring your favorite hoodie or leather jacket if it's supposed to be chilly. Or you can buy a Muse shirt, as lots of people are probably going to be wearing them, too. That reminds me, bring $100 ( Full Answer )

Going to seventh grade any tips?

7th grade is a breeze, so don't let anybody scare you about it. just pay attention near the end of the year, because that's when grades slip. just do your homework and get involved, its a great way to make new friends and you have a lot of fun. In 7th grade, a bunch of friends and i found a club tha ( Full Answer )

Where does U.K rubbish go?

to your house if u are lucky :) fairies come out and pick a spot for rubbish to go and it goes to a designated area :P good luck

What tips help you go to sleep?

Ok what you do is, first you close your eyes and count to 1000, and if that doesnt help, get mommy to pat you, if that doesnt help, go and get some sleeping pills. :)

What are some tips for a company going bankrupt?

The company is obviously losing money and needs to practice money-saving and money-management techniques. Increasing assests and decreasing liabilities will result in more money at the end of the year.

Why does the bottom of a tornado go to a tip?

The funnel of a tornado is caused by condensation, due to the pressure drop and resulting temperature drop inside it. Temperature and pressure also decrease with increasing altitude, making it easier for condensation to occur and causing the funnel to be wider at the top. At the bottom, the pressure ( Full Answer )

Is dying your hair with felt tip dangerous?

Very, it could give you cancer and could ruin your scalp completely. (which can result in you loosing all your hair). I would reccomend going to the hair dressers or dying your own hair dye from the chemist.

What are some good tips for going on an audition?

Take a book or some item to shift focus from the task at hand. Be sure that all the lines of the monologue are thoroughly memorized. It should require no effort to recite them from memory. Walk into the room with confidence because the first impression is the most important. WIthout a good first imp ( Full Answer )

Where can a person go to get tips on annuity selling?

Forbes is well known as an advisor in the world of annuities, stock, and bonds. They are only one of many advisors that may be found on-line. A person's bank may also have information available.

If you need tips on photography where would you go?

A local photography, or camera shop is a wonderful place to find tips on photography. Many shops offer classes and tutorial sessions on how to utilize your camera to it's fullest extent as well as many photography tips. Another great source would be to find photographers blogs or websites as many ha ( Full Answer )

Where can a person go to get tips on how to ski jump?

Mechanics of Sport is a website that gives plenty of skiing tips including how to ski jump. E-How is another site with a few tips. You could alternatively enlist in a skiing class.

Where can a person go to get travelers tips?

One can visit the following sites to get some travelers tips; Hotels Combined, Top tips for safe travel at Lonely Planet and can also visit 50 Overseas Travel Tips at Money Savings Expert.

Where can a person go to get tips on how to get rid of cellulite?

There are several places an individual can go to receive tips on how to eliminate cellulite. Some of these places include a local aesthetician or doctor, a local plastic surgeon, or to websites such as Loving Fit, Prevention, and Fit Sugar.

Where can a person go to get tips on whitening their teeth?

There are many different places where one could get tips on whitening their teeth. Visiting and consulting with your dentist is one way to get tips on whitening your teeth. You can also find more information on sites such as Good Housekeeping and WikiHow.

Where can a person go to get tips on stocks and bonds?

Many websites that deal with investments of stocks and bonds will provide tips on them. Websites such as Daily Finance, Stock Twits, and Learn Bonds will give many useful tips for picking the right stocks and bonds.

Where can a person go to get tips on hot stocks?

A good place to go to get tips on Hot Stocks is MSN Money. They have available information on their website right now for the Five Best Stocks for Under $5. Don't be fooled they may just make some really good money for you, with a price that small they really have room to grow big!

Where can someone go to find tips on how to get a boyfriend?

There are many places that can give you tips for getting a boyfriend. Magazines like Seventeen and Cosmopolitan sometimes have articles related to finding a boyfriend. There are also tips on sites like WikiHow and iVillage.

Where can a person go to get tips on how to help an alcoholic?

There are many places a person can go to get tips on how to help an alcoholic. A doctor or counselor can give tips on helping an alcoholic. Al-Anon is a group that helps families and friends of alcoholics, so that group would also be a good source for tips. National and local alcohol treatment hotli ( Full Answer )

Where can a person go to get Forex trading tips?

A novice looking to receive trading tips on the Forex market can go directly to the Forex site itself. Other options include Learn To Trade The Market and Daily FX, which are more informal in scope.

Where can a person go to get tips on traveling in Edinburgh?

There are a plethora of travel books, brochures and websites available when researching tips on traveling in Edinburgh. Yet, nothing beats talking with someone that has traveled the area recently; even better, someone that lived there.

Where can a person go to get tips to lose weight?

Tips to lose weight online can be found on medical and diet sites. Places like WebMD, Live Simple and Jenny Craig have sites with weight loss tips to help you lose weight and/or join a club for diet foods.

What are some tips for going in Underground London?

The London Underground is usually a very busy place. It is best to travel out of the rush hour if possible. There are maps available for all routes so it is a good idea for the person traveling to become familiar with the route that they will be using. Also, sometimes the lines can be closed so alwa ( Full Answer )

Where can a person go to get tips on presentation topics?

A person could go get tips on presentation topics from a variety of sources. One of these such sources would be a document called Presentation Tips by the University of Washington. This document offers helpful pointers and explanations to why these pointers work.

Where can someone go to get tips on how to seduce a girl?

One of the easiest ways to seduce a girl is to read a girls magazine such as Cosmopolitan. These magazines will give people an idea of what girls like and what they look for in guys which will set an idea on how to act to get a girl to notice.

Where can one go to get financial tips?

Financial tips can be found through various print, online and personal sources. Speaking with a trained financial adviser is the best way to get personalized and accurate financial tips.