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Regeneration occurs when an organism is split into two, and both halves regrow the part of it's body that it is missing.

This is called asexual reproduction because the result was two identical organisms that are exactly the same.

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Q: Why can regeneration be called asexual reproduction?
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Is regeneration sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction?


Is regeneration a type of reproduction?

Yes, regeneration is a type of Asexual reproduction.

What is replacing lost body parts by asexual reproduction called?


What kind of reproduction is budding fission and regeneration?

asexual reproduction

What form of asexual reproduction of planeria?


Lost body parts can be replaced through a type of asexual reproduction called?


When can regeneration be called asexual reproduction?

When the removed piece can form into it's own organism.

True or false budding ansd regeneration are two types ao asexual reproduction?

true.budding and regeneration are asexual methods.

What does asexual reproduction involve?

Budding, Fragmentation, and Regeneration.

What can budding fission and regeneration be used for?

asexual reproduction

How is regeneration a form of asexual reproduction?

Regeneration is accomplished by means of cell division, which is a form of asexual reproduction. Cells do not have sex in order to divide. They only need nutrients.

Is budding and regeneration are two types of asexual reproduction?

No, budding is but regeneration is repair of the original.

Is regeneration asexual or sexual reproduction?

Asexual, because it involves only one parent.

Replacing lost body parts by asexual reproduction?


What are three types of asexual reproduction?

fission, fragmentation, and regeneration

How can organisms or groups of organisms beifit from regeneration or asexual reproduction?

Organisms or groups of organisms benefit from regeneration or asexual reproduction because it does not require a two partners. This makes it a lot faster.

What are the 4 types of asexual reprodution?

There are two types of Asexual Reproduction:1- Asexual Reproduction in Plantsi-Binary Fissionii-Buddingiii-Fragmentationiv-Spore Formationv-Regenerationvi-Vegetative Reproduction2- Asexual Reproduction in Animalsi-Binary Fissionii-Buddingiii-Regenerationiv-Fragmentation

What are the ways by which cells produce new cell?

asexual reproduction and regeneration

Budding and regeneration are two types of what?

These are two examples of asexual reproduction

What form of asexual reproduction when anew tree grows out of the stump?


What are the three types of asexual reproduction?

Budding, Fission, and regeneration ~Hope this helps~:)

What are the steps of asexual reproduction?

FragmentationVegetationRegenerationBuddingBinary Fission

What special adaptation do echinoderms have that can also be used in their asexual reproduction?

Regeneration? i think

What are the two types of asexual reprodution?

Two types of asexual reproduction are Budding and Binary Fission. There are also other types of asexual reproduction such as Fragmentation, Sporulation, Regeneration, and Vegetative Propagation.

Does prokaryotes undergo regeneration?

Yes, prokayotes undergo regeneration. They are single-celled, so they reproduce asexually. Asexual reproduction is a part of regeneration in some organisms.