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they can't be used as electrolytes because the only way an ionic bond can conduct electricity is when you drop it in water. The water loosens up the space between the ions and allow them to glide which them allows them to conduct an electrical current.

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Q: Why can solid ionic compounds not be used as electrolytes?
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What can be used to represent an ionic compound?

formula mass can be used for ionic compounds.

Why are ionic liquids used in batteries but ionic compounds are not?

Ionic solids are not dissociated in ions.

Why is Al2O3 is named aluminum oxide without prefixes?

Aluminum oxide is an ionic compound. Prefixes are not used in naming ionic compounds, but are used in naming binary molecular compounds.

What are the typical properties of ionic compound?

low melting point. ionic compounds have high melting and boiling points. They conduct electricty in solution or in molten state unlike covalent compounds and carbon compounds which are poor conductors of electricity .

What kind of compounds is used to transmit impulses between nerve and muscle cells?

ionic compounds

Which soluctions exhibit high electrolytic behavior?

Mostly ionic solutions are the ones which are used as electrolytes. It is because of the concentration of the ions produced in the solution. So, they act as suitable electrolytes.

Is electrolyte covalent or ionic?

You can NOT dissolve 'covalent BONDS' because a bond is one couple of two electrons which hold their two 'parent' atoms together in one molecule.Try asking the question again with what you want to know, not what you have only 'heard of'.

What are 3 uses of ionic compounds?

It is used to make table salt.

What are the examples of ionic compounds and their uses?

Ionic compounds are also called salts. An example of their uses is sodium chloride (Na+Cl-), which is used in the kitchen (it is normal salt as we know it).

What are good thermal insulators in buildings?

Ionic compounds are good thermal insulators. Magnesium carbonate, an ionic compound, is sometimes used. Ionic compounds have extremely high melting points and therefore, if they were heated they would not melt.

Are ionic bonds solids liquids or gases at room temperature?

All ionic compounds are solid at room temperature because ionic bonds are very strong and it takes a lot of heat energy to break them to turn them into a liquid or a solid. 400-1400 degrees can be used to break the bonds.

How is EN used in determining the ionic or covalent character of the bonding between two elements?

Usually ionic compounds are electronegative.