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Velocity can be a positive or a negative because velocity is a vector, which means it is also affected by direction. This that if one car is going +10 m/s and another is travelling at -10 m/s, this means that they are travelling the same speed in opposite directions.

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Q: Why can velocity be positive or negitave?
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Is the red wire the negitave on your battery?

No Red is positive and it is hot

Is it possible to travel at a negitave speed?

Negative speed isn't possible, but negative velocity is.

Is the element lithium positive or negitave?

Neither an element is neutrally charged.

Can a negitave number be a constant term?

Yes, it can. Constants can be both positive and negative numbers.

What does positive velocity means?

is moves with a constant velocity in the positive direction......

What has to happen to a car's acceleration and velocity for a car's speed to increase and have a positive acceleration?

The velocity has to increase in a positive direction. The increase in velocity in a positive direction is a positive acceleration.

How do you spell negitave?


What is the product of a negitave number and a positive number?

The product of two numbers is the two numbers multiplied together. When multiplying a positive number and a negative number, the answer is always negative. For example: 7*-3= -21

How do you subtract a positive number from positive number if the first number smaller?

SO pretty much, you would fit the smaller number into the bigger number, and turn the extras into a negitave (ex. 6-8=(-2)

Can velocity speed up an object?

Well velocity is basically the same thing as speed but with direction (velocity can be negative or positive and speed is always positive). l velocity l = speed So a change in velocity means a change in speed.

What is positive accelerations?

Positive Acceleration refers to the force acting on an object whose speed increases as it moves away from its original starting position. If the velocity is increasing along with time it is called positive acceleration, and if the velocity decreases it is negative acceleration.

When angular velocity decreases the direction of angular acceleration is opposite to angular velocity .why?

Take the velocity to be in positive direction. Positive acceleration increases velocity and they are in the same direction. Negative acceleration reduce velocity and they are in opposite direction. It does not matter if the motion in linear or anfular.