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The higher the salt content of seawater, the more buoyant the water is. And the Dead Sea has the highest salt content of any body of water in the world.

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yes, i heard that the dead sea has so much salt in it you cant really swim you just float

you could swim in well more like float because the the Dead Sea is extremely concentrated with dissolved mineral salts, the water density is much greater then any other salt water including the ocean

Fish cant swim without swim bladders they only float around and get moved by the current of the water.

You can not swim in Red Dead Redemption because the game designers did not want you to be able to swim to Mexico before you reached the appropriate mission.

Even non-swimmers can swim there - it is so buoyant you don't swim in it - you swim ON it! It's virtually impossible to sink in the Dead Sea.

The salt and mineral concentration makes the water denser.

because it has a LOT of salt which makes the water too heavy to swim in so therefore you can float

You float better in saltwater. For instance, the Dead Sea is so salty that you cannot sink or even swim in it. You can only float on top. It does not feel wet, but more like warm, runny honey. It is extremely bitter if you are unlucky enough to taste the Potassium-heavy water. Strangely, Dead Sea does not have a salty taste.

A fish would swim vertically if it was reaching for food. If it was FLOATING vertically, I am sorry to say, but, it's most probably dead.

No, but they can float...

Yes. Cats can float. They can also swim.

to help the fish swim and float

Yes, of course! There is A LOT of salt in the ocean, and that salt keeps u afloat. The dead sea is the saltiest sea, and the easiest one to float in.

The higher the salinity of the water the easier it is to float - the Dead Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Great Salt Lake.

nothing much it would just float more than normal

In water, anything will become weightless.That is why we can float/swim!

they use swim bladders to float

Without the swim bladder, the fish will sink. This is why fish can float around without even swimming or moving their fins, because their swim bladder keeps them afloat.

Yes they do. They can swim (float) just like a dog does.

Hippos can't swim! Their bodies are to dense to float!

They don't - they float.

Fish float when they die because their swim bladder burst, which causes them to float

Fish do not normally "float around" they swim. If your fish is floating/sinking then it is probably dead.

The Dead Sea is well known for its' high level of salinity. The high level of salt in the water makes the human body more buoyant.

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