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Sounds which the human ear can detect are caused by the movement of air. In a vacuum, air does not exist, therefore nothing defined as "sound" can exist. And example of sound is the clapping of two hands. The sound is created by the rapid movement of air from between the palms when clapping. If no air moves, then no sound is created. You may clap your hands in a vacuum and no sound will be emitted because a vacuum may be described as the absence of air.

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Q: Why can you see light in space but can't hear sound?
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Why cant you hear each other in space?

Sound is a wave in a fluid (gas or liquid). There is no atmosphere in space, so there is no sound.

Why cant you hear one one another in space in space?

Sound needs something to travel through. That's usually air on Earth. Space is a vacuum - therefore, sound cannot travel through it.

How do sound and visible light compare in origin?

light is faster than the space shuttle but sound isn't. that's why you hear a sonic boom. Also you usually see lightning before you hear thunder.

Why cant you hear any sound on moon?

There is nothing to hear in space and on the moon you are too far away to hear anything from earth the scientific reason is that sound moves and bounces to our ears with gravity but because there is no gravity in space it is impossible for sounds to reach us, they simply float away

Why can astronauts not hear one another when traveling in space?

The light waves they reflect travel through empty space but sound waves do not.

How people cant hear you in space?

Sound in a hearing context (rather than a wave in a metal structure etc) is a pressure vibration in air. Space has no air.

Is sound energy due to vibrating of objects?

its the vibrating of mollecules. That's why in space, you cant hear anything because there are no mollecules to vibrate.

Why would a phone not make a sound in space?

You can't hear sound in space

What did Sunitha Williams hear in space?

i dont know who she is , but u cant hear any thing in space >.>

Can we say that you cant hear sound in space because there is no oxygen and carbon dioxide?

It is better to say that it is because there is no air of any sort in space. Any gas can carry sound, it is not a special property of oxygen or carbon dioxide.

If a bell is ringing in a bell jar you cant hear it when the air is pumped out but you see it what differences in properties of sound and light does this indicate?

That sound cannot move through a vaccum.

Why cant you hear a sound behind a closed door?

You can.