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From the Sound Wiki - Sound is a travelling wave which is an oscillation of pressure...

A true vacuum is the total absence of matter in a given space.

Therefore, in a true vacuum, there is no matter in which to produce the pressure differences which lead to the production of a sound wave nor is there a medium for any would-be wave travel.

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What can light travel through that sound cant travel through?

light can travel through a vacuum whereas sound cant

Why cant a sound wave travel through a vacuum?

Sound is waves through matter. In a vacuum, there is no matter. No matter, no sound.

Why cant sound travel through a vacuum?

Because sound 'travels' by vibrating nearby air, since there's no air in vacuum, no sound will travel through it.

Why does the sound not travel through vacuum?

The sound not travel through vacuum because sound need a medium to travel.

How fast can sound travel through a vacuum?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.

Why do light waves travel through a vacuum but a sound wave can't?

sound waves are vibrations that travel though air. Light is a spectrum of colours this means that light can go through a vacuum but sound cant Wazzupp Niggaaaa!!!!!

Why cant sound travel from planet to planet?

Because space is a Vacuum, there are not enough gas molecules around to transfer the sound waves.

The velocity of sound in vacuum is?

It is told that sound cannot travel trough vacuum. Sound can only travel through medium.

Sound travels slowest in?

Sound travel slowest in gas. Actually, it is not in vacuum. In Vacuum sound cannot travel at all.

Speed of sound in vacuum?

Zero. Sound cannot travel in a vacuum.

What is the speed of sound in a vacuum?

Sound will not travel in a vacuum, so zero.

Is the speed of sound at its maximum in vacuum?

Sound needs a medium to travel. Vacuum is no medium. Therefore there is no sound in vacuum.

Why cant sound travel in a vacum?

Sound travels through what is called a medium, a medium can be anything made of matter and a vacuum has no medium preventing sound from traveling

Which environment will sound not travel through?

Sound will not travel through a vacuum.

How fast is the speed of sound in a vacuum?

Sound waves cannot travel in a vacuum.

Can sound travle to space?

Space is a vacuum. Sound cannot travel in vacuum

How does the speed of sound change in a vacuum?

sound can not be in a vacuum because a vacuum has no air. Sound needs a medium to travel though. :)

What does sound go faster through a vacuum or a solid?

Sound does not travel in a vacuum. It needs a medium in which to travel (unlike light) and so sound cannot travel in a vacuum. However, in a solid sound travels faster than in air.

Can Sound waves can travel in a vacuum?

No. Since there is nothing sound can travel through, sound cannot travel.

Does sound travel in vaccum?

Sound needs a medium through which to travel. It will not travel in a vacuum.

Why cant we hear each other on the moon?

The Moon has no atmosphere, only vacuum. There is nothing for the sound waves to travel in.

Is a sound travel ina vacue?

No, sound cannot travel in a vacuum. Sound moves by vibrating particles of a solid, liquid, or a gas. Since there are no particles in a vacuum, sound cannot travel through it.

How does sound travel through a vacuum?

It does not. Sound needs particles to be transmitted. Vacuum does not have particles.

If a tree fell in a vacuum why wouldn't you hear a sound?

Sound does not travel through a vacuum.

Is vacuum the sound that travels best?

No: worst. Sound cannot travel though a vacuum.

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