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Just as cherries would be wasted if fed to a pig (because pigs would eat anything anyways), advice is wasted on a fool (because a fool is already prone to not follow advice, due to their foolish nature)

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What is the second half of this proverb If you cant stand the heat?

If you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

You will plow a field only if you turn in your mind?

This is an old Irish proverb and it should read: "You cant plough a feild by turning it over in your mind" in other words, stop thinking about the work at hand..get off your a** and do it

How can you tell if someone is Irish?

You cant tell is someone is irish just by looking at them. Someone who doesn't look irish at all may be full irish. :D

What is the meaning of the proverb - forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest?

everyone wants what they cant have ^_^ hope this helps <3

You want to give out advice on this website?

you really cant unless there is a will that you can.

How do you redeem an Irish itunes voucher in the UK?

No i cant answer the bloody question.

Do Irish people eat dove chocolate?

Maybe, but I cant be sure

Is Fiona a Irish name?

yes because it has a fother over it but u cant put it on because of the computer it can also be scottish but mostly irish.

What is Nick Jonas ancestry?

He is German, Italian, and Irish, there is more but i cant remember the rest.

Can you travel to Ireland with a french ID card?

No ecause irish cant read French ! duuuh !?

Why couldn't Irish people get jobs when they came to Canada?

They cant get jobs because there related to leprechauns

What advice would you give to a friend with a drug problem?

You cant really give advice to your friend, but you do need to let them know how you feel about the addiction, And always stick by them no matter what

What does the proverb you cant teach an old dog mean?

I think you must add : new tricks It means that you can not change someone who has old habbits (generally the bad ones).

What should you do if you cant eat because you feel ill?

Drink plenty of fluids - and seek medical advice.

Why does my cat shake when he's purring?

Maybe, he is nervous or he cant stay still. I Have No Idea. I Hope This Advice Helps. (:

If you are a minor an have a baby can your parents tell you what to do with your child?

They can but they cant force you to get rid of it. But ask a laywer, they shouldn't charge you for legal advice.

How can your girlfriend blow you better?

she cant, my advice, go see a doctor to give you medication and make you have a love potion :D

If you did not cancelled your Dubai visa and you wish to go for holiday there advice you on this?

THAT IS A VERY GOOD QUESTION! I have the same query and cant seem to find an answer...

Shed for small anaimal?

no you cant shed small animals your probally kill them if you do from mrs advice ps all my luck too you

Advice for someone who has fallen in love with his best mates sister?

who cares if it is your best mate! if you love her go get her. love can be blinding cant it?

What does it mean you have been blocked on Howrse?

it means you cant go on howrse again with the same account. my advice is start a new account.

How do you moisten chocolate chip cookies?

You really cant moisten cookies after they get old. My best advice is not to wait to long before you eat them.

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