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you could swim in well more like float because the the Dead Sea is extremely concentrated with dissolved mineral salts, the water density is much greater then any other salt water including the ocean

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yes people swim in the dead sea.and since the dead sea has more salt than normalit has more boyancy.

Even non-swimmers can swim there - it is so buoyant you don't swim in it - you swim ON it! It's virtually impossible to sink in the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is unusual because it is called the Dead Sea but anybody can swim in it and won't drown.

I suppose you can, but you'll get popped back to the surface like a cork. The Dead Sea is so buoyant that you don't swim in it - you actually swim on it.


You cant they do that so you cant swim to the next island

You can not swim in Red Dead Redemption because the game designers did not want you to be able to swim to Mexico before you reached the appropriate mission.

Because, the water is very thick from the salt. You would have to be very strong to swim in the Dead Sea. This is my best guess.

dead sea, bcoz ghosts r alredy dead

Because the high levels of salt in the Dead Sea will aid them in floating.

cos if a dolfine cant swim in the sea water the dolfine will die

yes, i heard that the dead sea has so much salt in it you cant really swim you just float

The dead sea is not called the dead sea because people sink in it and die, it's called that because there is no water flow, and no creatures swim in it. That is why it is called the dead sea. It doesn't seem to exist, it's like it is dead.

people with cuts or open wounds should not swim in the dead sea because of the amount of salt, which is extremely high and it would sting like hell

The sanity of the dead szea affetxs The sanity of the dead szea affetxs

yes those flaps they have are usless. they cant fly but they can swim!

its too far away by bus but you can pull a mooney at it. enjoy.

no they are dead so they cant sting anymore

Yes, you can! GO AND SWIM IN THE SEA

The higher the salinity of the water the easier it is to float - the Dead Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Great Salt Lake.

because of high density of salt in water.

there is too much salt deposits

Sea Turtles swim in the sea because they eat fish.

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