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Q: Why cauliflower float in water?
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Does cauliflower sink or float in water?


Do clothes float or sink?

it will float as long as it is not fully covered water.

What does adding lemon juice to water for cooking cauliflower do?

Keep the cauliflower white

What can float in the water?

A boat can float on the water, and a submarine can float in the water.

Does Anorthite sink or float in water?

It will float. Its a rock. It actually depends on how much water you have, if you you tried float it in the ocean, it would obviously sink. But if you tried to float it on a gladd or bowl or water, it would float,

Can Granite float in water?

in order for granite to float on water, it has to be lighter than water. because if its heavier than water, it will not float!

Does the element Iron float or sink in water?

yes iron does float in water yes iron does float in water

Can liquid water float on water?

Water does not float on more water. Water combines into ... water.

Do porcupines float in water?

Yes porcupines do float, all porcupines float in water

Will a twig sink or float in water?


Can jeremejevite float on water?

Jeremejevite does not float on water.

Does gravel float in water?

no gravel does not float on water.

What sediments float in water?

What sediment float in the water

Can a bowling ball float on water?

They float in water.

What are the results of can water float on water?

The results of can water float on water is that the water builds a ocean.

What vegetable has all five vowels in its name?


Is tent can float in water?

There are tents designed to Float in water. But not all tents designed to float.

Will a body organ float in water?

Well not all organs can float, but lungs can float on water

Does objects that float in water float in salt water?

Yes. Salt water has a slightly higher density then fresh water which means its a little easier for things to float in salt water. So if it floats in fresh water it will certainly float in salt water.

Does water float on gas?

No, water does not float on gas. Gas floats on water.

Will sand float in water will soil float in water?

Soil floats on water!

Does kerosene float on water-?

Kerosene does float on water. Water has more density then kerosene. Anything with a lesser amount of density will float.

Which rocks float on water?

Rocks that float on water: pumice. Rocks that do not float on water: all other rocks.

Can an object which is denser than water float on water?

An object which is denser than water can float on water when it has a specific shape which lends it buoyancy. For example, a sheet of iron will not float on water but if the same sheet is bent in shape of a bowl, it can float on water.

Will a pencil sink or float in water?

It will float