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College is post 16 education that does BTEC's or A Levels and is the bridge between school and University, University does degrees, college doesn't simple!

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Q: Why college and university are not the same thing?
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Should you go to a college or university?

same thing

Does college mean the same thing as university?

Yes, it basically is referring to the same thing.

Is rowan university and University of Phoenix the same thing?

Rowan university is an acctual college located in Glassboro NJ, there are a number of schools in the university, Phoenix is an online college.. they are unrelated

Is medical school the same as college and university?

No. Medical school comes after you graduate from college (or university).

Are Oxford University and the University of Oxford the same thing?


What does college and university have in common?

college in the states is the same as university in Canada In Canada a college is for technical training, university is for theoretical training. Both are secondary education.

Is the University of Phoenix and Phoenix college the same school?

No they are not. As indicated by name the University of Phoenix is a university. Phoenix College is a community college (two year institution).

What sports does Boise college have?

there is no such thing as Boise College, only Boise State University

Is a city college the same thing as a community college?


Is college the same thing as university?

yes... and no. A university is composed of different colleges ( or schools, if you want-) usually a university will have a school of arts and sciences, education, communication, etc. A separate college may specialize in one of these areas, like a teacher college or one like MIT that specializes in sciences, math, and technology.

Can you change your college in same city after second year bachlor of arts?

Yes we can change the college in 2nd year only when both the colleges belongs to same university. But if the university is different then it is not possible to change college.

What college football team has beat the same college football team the most?

University of Florida

Are Memphis University and The University of Memphis 2 different things?

They're the same thing

Are colleges and university the same thing?

well, it depends what country you live in. in the US, they refer to universities as colleges, hoiwever in the UK, a college as an alternative for sixth form

Where did lucille go to college?

If we are talking about the same person; Howard University.

What college do Mike and Sulley go to in Monsters University?

They attend Monsters University (the same as the title of the movie).

Is the University of Alabama the same as the Alabama State Univerisity?

no it isn't! The University of Alabama is the "big" college in Alabama

Is bachelor's degree and college diploma the same thing?

yes it is

Is there such a thing as a college university?

A college is a school that provides education at a bachelor's level. A college grants bachelor degrees, while a university consists of multiple colleges and grants bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees.

Does it cost the same for college inside your state as it is outside the state you live in?

If you go to a state college or university, tuition is usually lower for in-state students than for out-of-state students. If you go to a private college or university, the tuition is usually the same for everyone.

Is college and university the same?

Depends on which country you are in. In England it is not the same as in University, you can sleep over night on campus and live there and in College you go home. In uni, you study different things on harder levels so overall the answer is no they are not the same. hope this helps ;)

Is south University of Phoenix the same as University of phoenix?

I have never heard of South University of Phoenix, and it appears that the College Board hasn't either.

Is Eastern Washington University and Eastern Washington State College the same college?

Sort of, in the sense that the school that used to be called Eastern Washington State College had its name changed to Eastern Washington University.

Is Harvard university a top rated college?

No. Harvard University is a university, not a college. Harvard College is part of Harvard University, however.

Are Boston University and Boston College the same college?

No, they are not the same schools. Boston University is a private, nonsectarian university (with a Theology School that is affiliated with the Methodist Church) located in the City of Boston. Boston College is a Jesuit institution located in chestnut Hill section of Newton, Massachusetts, a few miles west of Boston.