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Because it is supposedly the darkest day of the year, and the meeting day.

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Q: Why could hades visit mt Olympus during the winter solstice only?
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How do you draw a summer and winter solstice?

you could draw a sun in the middle of the paper. Next you could draw a circle on both sides of the sun. Then draw your equator pun when you draw the poles make sure they are in different directions. the pole face away from the sun is a winter solstice and the one pointing toward the sun is the summer solstice.

What type of solstice weather is in the northern hemisphere?

That will depend on where in the northern hemisphere you are and which solstice it is. In general the weather should be good, in a summer solstice, but in particular places you could have a bad day. You would expect it to be the opposite in a winter solstice. In both cases it would also differ from year to year.

Why was stonehendge built?

The reason why the Stonehenge was built remains to be a mystery up to this day. However, there are a number of theories about why it was built. One theory claims that it may be a sacred hunting ground while another says that it could be the celebration of winter solstice because it is aligned with the winter solstice sunset.

Did the pilgrims sail to England during the winter?

no the pilgrims did not sail back to England during the first winter. They thought that since the Indians could do it so could they!

What was the name of the original pagan holiday that Christmas later replaced?

It could be the Roman festival of Saternalia or the Northern European celebration of the Winter Solstice, also commonly referred to as Yule.

Does it get cold in turkey?

It could but it is not likely; on the winter solstice (December 21st or 22nd), the sun still gets quite high above the horizon (about 25 degrees), so it could snow but it is more common further north.

Where could one find winter driving tips?

One could find winter driving tips on the CAA website. One could also find winter driving tips on their local news channel or website during winter time.

How was Christmas different before the Christian era?

Before Christianity the Christmas period was a pagan ritual festival dedicated to the winter solstice It was a time of celebration of the spring to come. There was much feasting, animals which could not be sustained through winter were slaughtered and eaten.

Is it good or bad parking your car indoors during the winter?

It is better to park indoors because of the ice that forms in the night outside during the winter, and could potentially cause engine problems, and could freeze.

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I could be a squirrel taking refuge in your attic during the winter. Or it could be a rat.;-)

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Where could Athena be found?

athena could be found on mount olympus