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Why dangerous animals should be protected?


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Dangerous animals should be protected because it is the circle of life. Without these dangerous animals there would be more a higher population of other species eventually overpopulating the earth. For example, if all lions were killed, Gazelles would eventually overpopulate. The same goes for other animals and their prey and predators.


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Yes, all animals should be protected in their natural habitats

Antarctica should be protected because of there great wilderness and all the animals has right to be protected even if they are wild or not all animals have right to live...... that's all I can say

Snakes should be protected because they eat insects and animals that eat crops. No crops, not alot of food.

So they can make the other animals face extinction!

The Tundra is the coldest biome on Earth. It should be protected for the continuous survival of the ecosystems and so that the animals in the region will not be extinct.

Animals should be protected from extinction because us people love they and, it's are responsibility because we live on earth to. Plus we are the ones how put them in danger.By: Shamar Shqair

All wetlands should be protected because it is home for many animals and if something is thrown into the wetlands it will pollute the water.

They are dangerous enough to harm humans or other animals. They should stay in their natural habitat.

i don't think so because they are dangerous and all u should do is avoid them

Yes! They are the cutest animals in China! They need to be protected from poachers, overpopulation, and deforestation.

To save the Earth, and many animals from losing their homes.

some animals are protected by law because they are endangered and if not protected they could be killed and become extinct

All wild animals should be considered "dangerous". Of them in West Texas, the most dangerous are the Cougar, ie., mountain lion, puma, panther, and the diamond back rattle snake.

Hard Question. Should be kept in a protected safari park.

he belives that the eviorment should be protected from hazards and animals preserved

Because they deserve it. they eat animals so they don't over populate

yes, you should find out you dumb bastered

no they shouldnt they are a important part of the food chain

Because without lions, hyenas, tigers and other dangerous animals. The food chain wouldn't be complete and other animals could starve. All animals are here for a reason, without them it would be harder for other animals to survive.

because some animals are wild sometimes they want to pet the wild animals but you should pet them because they are dangerous.

There are no dangerous wild animals in hawaii.

yes they are very dangerous animals fact: all bears are dangerous

Robin carpenter says they are very dangerous she is very over protected

There are associations that protect animals.

how should the outdoor unit of split ac be protected from animals like squrills and rats mesh fencing diagrams

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