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due to ansha farting which created most of the CO2 and methane


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The killer emerged from the darkness to confront his killer.

killer asteroid's are is an asteroid that hits earth creating mass destruction to our world... I should know, I'm a scientist.

The Prince of Darkness, the serial killer on Criminal Minds played by Tim Curry (as an adult) and Stone Eisenmann (as a child), is the character Billy Flynn.

The human impact on a Killer Whale are mostly polution, fishing ships, and hunting, even though Killer Whales are not often hunted by humans.

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The killer whale is not in endangered yet!

The effect of weed killer for the area depends upon the type of ecosystem, herbicide, and weather. A weed killer that is contact, non-residual, target-specific has little impact other than upon the weed to be eliminated. A weed killer that is residual and non-target will impact the immediate vegetation.

He became a killer because he let his bad thoughts overtake him.

Until there is a definitive answer as to who was the first victim it would only be guessing when he became a killer.

they eat every thing they find or their prey

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It is a type of camouflage. If you were to look down to the bottom of the sea, the killer whale's black skin resembles the darkness of the sea. If you were to look up to the surface, the killer whale's white underside would resemble the sunlight shining into the sea. Hope I Helped!

It was a shock to see a serial killer performing for children. Society now knew that a serial killer could mix in the crowd.

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African killer bees effect the environment negatively. They have a substantial impact on the flora and fauna of an area, reducing the resources available for European honey bees.

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no but it can become a cereal killer by strangling your dick

you need to become a killer whale if you want it

If the Killer Whale was to become extinct the effects of this would have a horrible impact on the ecosystem in which it lives. The Main reason for this is that its prey's numbers would multiply. For example say the Polar bear a main food source of the killer whale's numbers would multiply because the threat of the Killer whale is no longer there, which then makes the Polar bears population feed more on the selective group of animals (Their prey, i.e.: Walrus, ringed seal and, sometimes, the bearded seal.) and then the selective race of their prey would soon have low numbers and this would cause a chain reaction throughout the food chain.

No, Beluga Whales, and Killer (Humpback) Whales might become extinct.

Agatha Christie created a number of technique that subsequent mystery authors have gone on to use. One example is gathering all the suspects together at the end of the story to reveal who the killer is. This can be contrasted, for example, with the detective working out who the killer is, realising they have gone on the run, and then tracking down the killer. The 'reveal' technique has now become such an iconic feature of the mystery genre that it is often one of the aspects featured in parodies of the genre.

The Paul Stine murder was to become the final confirmed case of the Zodiac killer. He was a taxi driver which picked him up and was later killed by the killer.

they also they come to the world to get crop so they can be honey if not there would not bee any honey to eat.

I think that you need to get 80,000 points since you joined. :)

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