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Why did Alfred Nobel invent dynamite?

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The primary purpose of dynamite was to provide a convenient and safe means to deliver the explosive nitroglycerin, used in mining and road construction.

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When did Alfred Nobel invent dynamite?

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in 1866

Did Alfred noble invent dynamite?

Yes. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite.

Where did Alfred nobel invent dynamite?

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in Krümmel Geesthacht, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Who invent dynamite?

Alfred Nobel - who sponsored the Nobel Prizes

Which explosive did Alfred Nobel invent?


What did sir Alfred nobel invent?


What did Alfred Nobel invent?

DynamiteHe developed dynamite. He used the money he made to establish the Nobel Prizes.

Did alfred nobel invent the atom bomb?

No, he invented dynamite.

Did Alfred Nobel invent atom bombs?

No, he invented the dynamite.

Where Did Alfred Nobel Invent The Dynamite?

He invented it in his basement in norway.

What did Peace Prize founder Alfred Nobel invent?


Why did Alfred Nobel invent the dynamite?

Dynamite was developed as a safe alternative to explosives such as gunpowder and nitroglycerin.

Where did Alfred Nobel build the dynamite?

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in Geesthacht, Germany.

Did Alfred Nobel invent the Nobel Prize?

Alfred Nobel invented the Nobel Prizes because he had a huge fortune from creating dynamite. So, he donated all of his money, after he deceased, to the making of the Nobel Prizes.

What is the invention of Alfred Nobel?

Dynamite is the invention of Alfred Nobel.

When did Alfred Nobel patent dynamite?

Alfred Nobel patented his invention, dynamite in 1867.If you're looking for when he invented dynamite, he invented dynamite in 1866.

What accomplishments did Alfred Nobel make?

Alfred Nobel made the dynamite.

Who was Alfred?

Alfred nobel was the inventer of dynamite.

Who developed dynamite?

Alfred Nobel invented the Dynamite.

What was Alfred Nobel known for?

Alfred Nobel is known for inventing dynamite and for the Nobel Peace Prize.

What Nobel Prize did Alfred nobel invent?

Alfred Nobel Invent Right Nobel prize which Martin Luther King was given

Who invited dynamite?

Alfred nobel

Who patented dynamite?

Alfred Nobel

Who is the inventor of dynamite?

alfred nobel

Inventor of dynamite?

alfred nobel

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