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Americans turned to the government for aid in the great depression because many people didnt have jobs, and were going poor and hungry.


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The major impact of the Great Depression on American federalism was the crash of the stock markets. This in turn increased the power that the federal government had.

Dual federalism was replaced by cooperative federalism for many reasons. One such reason is the Great Depression. When the Great Depression occurred, Americans wanted answers and action and in turn the Federal government began to use more of its power to respond and fix things. Cooperative federalism was born out of this.

In the Great Depression which devastated the economy from 1929-1940. Unemployment peaked at 25 percent, millions of people were homeless, and millions more were forced to leave their homes. The Great Depression and the Second World War led the federal government to turn to fiscal policy as a way of managing the economy and to bring us out of the depression.

What was the name of the right granted by the Spanish government to turn Native Americans into slaves was called?

When prohibition ended, people were able to legally produce and sell beverages again. The government could then tax the alcohol and gain profits. This in turn helped ease the United States out of the Depression.

They felt that having a dictator would provide them with stability during hard times and the Great Depression. A dictator also provided hope that revolutionizing the government would turn around the economy.

During the Great Depression 1932 was considered the worst year. and the year that FDR was elected. 1933 was sometimes considered as the great turn around or the beginning of the end.....if that makes sense

One of the causes of the Great Depression was World War 1. This completely messed up the industries which in turn affected production and this resulted into an economic crisis.

Bread lines were used during the Great Depression to provide food to people who would otherwise starve or turn to crime because they were out of work, or were farmers who had lost their farms, and had no money to buy food. Bread lines were sometimes government and sometimes private charities.

When people get desperate, scared or Hungary Socialism and/or Communism start to sound a little better. They start to believe that everyone can have an equal share if the government just takes it from those who have and give it to those who don't have. Unfortuneatley that means that they surrender their individual rights to the government and then it doesn't look so good anymore.

The Great Depression was an economic depression that preceded World War II. It led to high unemployment since many companies instituted production cutbacks. This in turn led to employee layoffs.

Herbert Hoover, at first, believed in volunteerism to combat the Great Depression. He believed in strong values of individualism and did not want the government to interfere with people's lives. He moved to activism after taking much criticism.

People turned to Fascism in the 1920s because Europe's people had become disillusioned about the the government after WW1, the Great Depression, and the established democratic governments set up after the war were failing miserably.

You can't; because his actions did prolong the Great Depression. The New Deal is a paradigmatic case of how to turn a downturn into a depression. That US leaders regard this as a model to follow does not speak very well of their economic literacy, and it doesn't bode well for our future. On the other hand, if you want to see how to handle a crisis, consider the Panic of 1819. Never heard of it? That's because it came and went, and that's because the government did nothing about it

Propaganda, he used a great deal of it to show how they were the enemy since they had money during the depression.

They had just fought a war to break away from Great Britain. They fought to break away from a strong central government. They did not want to have a strong federal government because they feared that a strong central government would have too much power. If that were to happen our own government could turn into another Great Britain. Look at our government right now, this is what our Founding Fathers wished would never happen to us.

The Great Depression began on October 29th, 1929; World War II is generally agreed to have begun almost a decade later, on September 1st, 1939. The Great Depression therefore could not have been caused by World War II - in fact, many believe that World War II, and the massive military buildup which it engendered, which in turn kickstarted the American industrial sector, was a large contributor to the ending of the Great Depression.

In the Great Depression prices fell. (In Britain, for example, between late 1929 and mid 1932 prices fell by about 33%). That was one of the big problems at the time, as it encouraged people to postpone non-essential purchases and investment, which in turn led to further falls in prices.

saratoga? Energy is what caused the tide to turn in favor of the Americans. This is taught in History.

Hoover's weakness during the depression was his inability to grasp the seriousness of the situation. His other weakness was that he didn't know how to use the considerable power of the federal government to turn things around.

Diet and depression can sometimes be linked. Obesity in turn can cause depression. Chocolate and relieve stress and depression too, but that wont work if you are depressed from being over weight.

American feared Communist because the communists wanted to turn the U.S. democracy into a communist country and they are going to try to overthrow the government.

The main conflict in the grapes of wrath is the depression. The depression is causing families to leave their homes and banks to reclaim land. Families go hungry and people turn against one another. This really is a great book and it is a good choice to read it.

The anti-federalists were a group of Americans that did not support the move towards a more centeralized-government. They were afraid that it would turn into another monarchy, not a democracy.

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