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Why did Ben Leave EastEnders?

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Because he went to prison for hurting another kid

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Kathy left eastenders with ben in Early 2000.

Ben from eastenders is 14.

Ben Mitchell - EastEnders - was created in 1996.

Ben Mitchell is played by Charlie Jones.

Jane Beale left EastEnders in Early 2012.

She is not currently supposed to be leaving Eastenders but something may happen during the year which means she might have to leave.

Well, their is not any plans for her to leave yet.

He was born on 21 March 1996.

As of early June 2009, there are no plans for Dot to leave EastEnders

no, its not possible eastenders would not be the same without her!

Yes, Stacey left Eastenders at the end of 2010 Christmas day episode.

Yes, Heather is murdered by Ben Mitchell.

Ben Mitchell and Ian Beale have the same mother, but have a different dad/father.

If you are talking about Ben Mitchell then yes but he wont look the same as he is going to be recast.

well, like me i have a aid but me and ben are partly deaf but not all deaf so there the answer to your question

Janine is not planned to leave Eastenders as of yet, but as the year goes on something may happen and she might leave.

Billy is living with Phil, Shirley, Jay and Ben.

This is unknown. Stacey is leaving EastEnders in 2011 so it is possible that Ryan will leave too.

No, Laurie Brett has gone on maternity leave.

Not anytime soon, I haven't heard

not necersarily.... but something may happen to them, will which make them leave eastenders, like a car crash, dad has died etc etc. you know what i mean x

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