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Why did Bilbo keep the Arkenstone?

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Bilbo himself wasn't sure at first why he kept the Arkenstone. Later he used it to eventually make peace with Bard and the other men.

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Where did Bilbo find the arkenstone?

Bilbo found the Arkenstone in Smaug's treasure chamber.

What did Bilbo do with the Arkenstone?

Bilbo gave the Arkenstone to Bard so he could use it to stop a battle between the Elves, Men, and Dwarves. It did not work.

Why did Thorin throw Bilbo out of his camp?

because bilbo gave the arkenstone to bard

What does Bilbo confiscate?

Bilbo takes possession of the Arkenstone without telling Thorin.

Why did Bilbo confiscate from the mound treasure?

Bilbo took the dwarven jewel, the Arkenstone.

What stone did Bilbo take?

Bilbo took the Arkenstone. It was the treasure Thorin desired most.

What does Bilbo take from the hoard?

Biblo 'borrows' the Arkenstone.

When does Bilbo retrieve the arkenstone?

He retrieves it when he is escaping Smaug

How does Bilbo defend himself when Thorin accuses him of stealing the Arkenstone?

Bilbo claimed that under the terms of the contract he was due a proportion of the dragon's treasure, and that he had taken the Arkenstone as his share.

What does Bilbo hide from the dwarves and why?

Bilbo hides the Arkenstone from the dwarves because he knew each one was greedy for the Arkenstone and they might kill each other or harm others for it.

What offer does Bilbo make with bard and the elven king?

Bilbo offers the Arkenstone to Bard and the ElvenKing

What piece of treasure does Bilbo take for himself?

Bilbo finds and keeps a gem called Arkenstone.

Why did Bilbo give the elvenking why?

Bilbo Baggins gave the elvenking the Arkenstone, the prized possession of Thorin.

Does Bilbo have the right to keep the Arkenstone of Thrain?

Well, as he justifies it to himself, he was entitled to a one fourteenth share of the treasure and which fourteenth was not specified. Though he was pretty sure that the Arkenstone would not be a part that he would get.

Why did Bilbo slip the Arkenstone into his pocket?

He wasn't sure, the pale glow mesmerized him until he picked it up.Because he can pick and choose which parts of the 1/14 of the treasure he can keep. Therefor, he chooses the arkenstone.

Why does Bilbo give up the arkenstone what does that gesture reveal about his character?

Bilbo never intended to keep the Arkenstone. He only took it because he saw the feverish greed that overtook the Dwarves when the saw their long lost treasure. Knowing how badly Thorin coveted the Arkenstone, Bilbo kept it and later used it to bargain for his share of the treasure (which he intended to share with Bard and Thranduil). What it revealed was that deep at heart, Bilbo was a good person and only wanted to do what was right. It was why Gandalf was drawn to him in the first place.

Who took the Arkenstone in the hobbit?

Bilbo took the Arkenstone from Smaug's treasure trove. He gave it to the men to use as a negotiating tool.

What does Bilbo do with the arkenstone when he finds it?

He brings the Arkenstone to Bard to pay off the 1/13 of the share of treasure. Thorin reacts in anger when he finds out that Bilbo gave Thorin's family treasure to Bard.

What does Bilbo keep to himself?

There are several things that he keeps to himself. He keeps the ring to himself for a while. And when he found the Arkenstone, he didn't tell the dwarves.

Why did Bilbo sneak out of the mountain gate at night?

to give bard and the eldenking the arkenstone

Who has the Arkenstone in 'The Hobbit'?

Smaug has the Arkenstone in his hoard. Bilbo acquires it from the pile of treasure. He then gives it to Bard. Bard puts it with Thorin when he is buried. That is where it stayed.

Where does Bilbo get the Arkenstone from?

It was in Smaug's hoard in the Lonely Mountain. When Bilbo went down there he saw it, took it, and kept it a secret from everyone else.

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