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He never meant to kill Hawkfrost, he accidentally impaled his throat while trying to save Firestar. Later, he realized, Hawkfrost would have been very dangerous to the Clans. He also killed him because Hawkfrost was trying to kill Firestar (Brambleclaw's former mentor and current leader).

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In warriors the new prophecy does brambleclaw kill anyone?

Brambleclaw does kill someone. He killed Hawkfrost because hawkfrost tries to take over the forest.

How did hawkfrost died?

Haawkfrost died when Brambleclaw stabbed him in the stomach with a stick. This was when Hawkfrost trapped Firestar in a fox trap and was about to kill him when Brambleclaw stuck with loyalty and turned on Hawkfrost.

What book does Brambleclaw kill Hawkfrost?

Hawkfrost gets killed in Sunset. Book 6 of the new phophocy

Does Hawkfrost get revenge over Brambleclaw?

No because eventually Brambleclaw kills Hawkfrost.

How did hawkfrost die?

He got his throat slit by his brother. Hawkfrost attacked Brambleclaw and he is pierced in the neck by the stick from the fox trap. Brambleclaw, his Half-brother, never meant to kill him.

What happened to Hawkfrost in Twilight of the Warriors series?

He and Brambleclaw were with Firestar, who was stuck in a fox trap, and Hawkfrost told Brambleclaw to tighten the trap and kill Firestar, but Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost instead, fulfilling the prophecy "Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red."

How does brambleclaw kill hawkfrost?

He kills him by using a part of the fox trap that was supposed to kill Firestar

Who killed hawkfrost?

Brambleclaw, to save Firestar, firestar was caught in a fox trap and hawkfrost wanted brambleclaw to make the trap tighter so firestar would die. instead brambleclaw attacked hawkfrost and aciendentlly killed him. brambleclaw was holding a pointy stick when hawkfrost attacked him. hawkfrost got hit in the throat by it and died.

Why did Brambleclaw kill Hawkfrost instead of Firestar?

He wanted to be trusted in the Clan and not be remembered as a traitor

Did Hawkfrost fight Brambleclaw before he killed him?

Yes, Hawkfrost did fight Brambleclaw before Brambleclaw killed him. Though, Hawkfrost was blinded by the greed for power and did not have the loyalty of a true clan warrior, and didn't have the strength to win.

Why does brambleclaw kill his brother?

Because Hawkfrost set a trap for Firestar so Brambleclaw could become the leader of thunderclan. but he didn't want his leader to die that way so he killed Hawkfrost to save Firestar.

Who tried to kill Firestar in Sunset?

Hawkfrost AND Ashfur. Hawkfrost's Reason: Soon after the Badger attack, After Tigerstar's plan for Brambleclaw to rule Thunderclan and Windclan, and Hawkfrost to rule Riverclan and Shadowclan, Hawkfrost tries to help Brambleclaw. Hawkfrost suggests Brambleclaw should manipulate Firestar, make a great impression on him (Firestar), and make friends with Daisy's kits so he can have an apprentice. Hawkfrost tells Shadowclan about the badger attack in Thunderclan, and Shadowclan attacks Thunderclan, But is defeated. After Brambleclaw is made deputy, Hawkfrost tells Brambleclaw to meet him in 2 days at sunrise, near the Shadowclan border. Before they meet, Hawkfrost lured Firestar into a fox trap, so that Brambleclaw could finish him off easily and become leader. But instead, Brambleclaw saves Firestar and kills Hawkfrost. Ashfur's reason: He helped lure Firestar into the trap. He wanted Firestar to die so Squirrelflight could feel as much pain as he did when she rejected him for Brambleclaw.

Why did Ashfur help Hawkfrost?

When Squirrelflight was angry with Brambleclaw, she developed a relationship with Ashfur. It was StarClan's destiny for Squirrelflight to be with Brambleclaw. When she chose Brambleclaw, Ashfur was deeply hurt. He plotted with Hawkfrost to trap firestar and return to camp saying that firestar wandered into a foxtrap if Brambleclaw chose to kill firestar and squirrelflight found out she would leave brambleclaw and get back together with ashfur

In the Warriors series by Erin Hunter how did Hawkfrost die?

He dies when Firestar gets stuck in a fox trap and he wants Brambleclaw to kill Firestar so he can be leader. Brambleclaw reacts to his leader instead. Next, Hawkfrost threatens to kill Brambleclaw. He thinks quickly and shakes up the pole from the fox trap. Letting this get tamperd, he grabs the sharp pole and right when Hawkfrost pounces, she nails it right into Hawkfrost's throat.

What does the prophecy blood will spill blood and the lake will run red foretell?

It means that Brambleclaw will kill Hawkfrost

Does Brambleclaw kill Firestar?

He wouldn't dare kill his lovers father. He killed Hawkfrost for the welbeing to save his mate's father & leader.

Why do Brambleclaw and Squirrleflight get into a fight?

Because Leafpool is suspicous of Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw is spending a LOT of time with Hawkfrost and, of course!, Squirrelflight sides with her sister, and Brambleclaw won't refrain from seeing his half-bro.

In the warrior cats series what was Tigerstar's plan for Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw?

Tigerstar wanted Hawkfrost to lead RiverClan and Shadowclan combine and Brambleclaw to lead Thunderclan and Windclan combined. Obviously this was never fulfilled: Hawkfrost is dead, and Brambleclaw is just an ambitiously loyal deputy of Thunderclan.

How come you despise brambleclaw so much?

Some people don't like Brambleclaw because of his relationship to Tigerstar and because he was tempted to kill Firestar. However, Brambleclaw did prove his loyalty when he killed Hawkfrost to save Firestar.

How does hawkfrost die in the warriors series?

He dies when brambleclaw kills him.

How are Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost half brothers?

They are half-brothers by Tigerstar.

How did Tigerstar tried to kill Firestar?

Through Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost, through Lionblaze, and the battle with Bloodclan. Stupid Tigerclaw. Firestar is to smart to be killed that easily.

Is hawkfrost brambleclaws brother?

yes. tigerstar was brambleclaws dad and hawkfrost was just like brambleclaw. Sasha admits that tigerstar was her mate

What conflict does Brambleclaw encounter from warriors?

Brambleclaw gets in a fight with Squirrelflight in the New Prophecy because Squirrelflight doesnt trust Hawkfrost,Brambleclaw's half brother,when Brambleclaw sticks up for him.

What did Hawkfrost tell Brambleclaw before he died?

"just you wait. this isn't over yet."