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In WW1 Britain conquered Mesopotamia (Iraq), Jordan and Palestine from the Ottoman Empire.

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Q: Why did Britain control Palestine?
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Why did Great Britain control Palestine after World War 1?

because they were bored

What was the British influence on Israel and Palestine?

Britain ruled Palestine. They called it the Palestine Mandate. Britain had agreed to hand Palestine over to Jews, mainly from Europe, but some Jewish terrorists bombed the King David Hotel and some other places to speed up the process. Britain withdrew, and the Jews took Palestine and began calling it Israel.

What nation controlled Palestine after World War I?

Britain controlled Palestine from 1918-1948.Britain, which had promised in 1917 in the Balfour Declaration to create a 'national home for the Jews' in Palestine. Britain was trying to keep in with both the Arabs and the Jews - and this little game of 'divide and rule' didn't work.Britain

When did Britain withdraw from Palestine?

The final British soldiers withdrew from Palestine on May 13, 1948.

What European country cotrolled the palestine after the World War 2?

Britain controlled Palestine after WW2

Were holocaust victims taken from Palestine?

No, Palestine was under British control, not German.

After the war Britain ruled Iraq and Palestine as?


What nation last occupied Palestine before Israel was proclaimed to be a state?

Answer 1Ottoman Empire, from 1516 to 1917.Great Britain was not an Occupying Power: it was a Mandatory Power in Palestine until 1948.Answer 2Great Britain exercised control over the Mandate of Palestine from 1919 to 1948 (when Israel became independent). Whether or not that is strictly construed as an occupation is not commonly questioned.The British made the laws, had the right to control police and military infrastructure, maintained ports and commerce, and directed political activities. Therefore, Great Britain was the final occupying power.Palestine was never an independent Arab State or even a unified Arab Province in any Islamic Empire.

How did Britain gain control of Israel?

The League of Nations granted Britain a Mandate to govern Palestine after the end of the First World War. At this stage, there were no plans for Palestinian independence, and very few Jews living in what was then the Palestinian Mandate.

Who did the league of nations put in charge of palestine?

Great Britain

What did Britain rule Iraq and Palestine as after the war?

They were called Mandates.

Who controlled Palestine after World War 2?

From 1918-1948 Palestine was under British control.

Did palestine take control of israel in 1979?

No. Palestine did not even declare independence until 1988.

What was Palestine to Great Britain after WW1?

Palestine was a British Mandate in the Middle East, pursuant to the League of Nations description of a Mandate.

How long did Great Britain occupy Palestine?

Great Britain administered Palestine on behalf of the League of Nations between 1920 and 1948, a period referred to as the "British Mandate." Two states were established within the boundaries of the Mandate territory, Palestine and Transjordan (Jordan).

Which European power controlled Palestine immediately after World War II?

Britain controlled Palestine from the end of World War I until February 1947 when, in response to Zionist terrorist attacks, Britain handed Palestine over to the United Nations to solve the Palestinian problem.

How was Britain able to promise Jews a national home in Palestine?

Britain made a number of promises during World War I in an attempt to attract allies. In the Middle East, they made promises to Zionists and to Arabs. When World War I concluded, Britain had control of the Mandate of Palestine and thus they were able to retroactively buttress both the claims that they made to the Jews and those that they made to Arabs insofar as they wished to actually observe them.

When did England promise Jews to get Palestine?

Britain published the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and acceded to this promise by overseeing the Mandate of Palestine in 1919.

What country ruled palestine as a mandate from 1920 to 1948?

Great Britain

What country was in control of Palestine after World War II?

In 1945, Palestine remained a British Mandate (United Kingdom).

Why did the church call for the crusade or holy wars?

The Muslims had control over Palestine, where Jesus lived and died (especially Jerusalem, which is located in Palestine). The Crusades were an attempt to put Christians back in control of Palestine. The Crusades were for the most part a failed military disaster, and finally the Christians and the Muslims came to an agreement: The Muslims would continue to control Palestine, and the Christians were allowed to visit there and make pilgrimages to Holy Sites in Palestine.

What country decided to leave the problem of Palestine to the United Nations?

Great Britain

Who controlled palestine before 1947?

Ottoman Empire till 1918 and Britain after that.

Is Israel in Palestine?

Yes and No. Palestine has two different definitions and Israel has two definitions. Palestine 1: All of the lands of the former British Mandate of Palestine. Palestine 2: All of the lands not under Israeli control in 1950 that serve as the basis for any current two-state proposal for the State of Palestine. Israel 1: All of the lands under Israeli control in 1950. Israel 2: All of the lands under Israeli control, both military and civil as of 2012. Now for the spatial relationships. Israel 1 is entirely within the borders of Palestine 1, but smaller (78%) Israel 1 (78%) + Palestine 2 (22%) = Palestine 1 Israel 2 and Palestine 2 overlap in much of the West Bank Territories. Israel 2 and Israel 1 overlap in all of Israel 1's territories. Israel 2 does not control the Gaza Strip territories which are part of Palestine 1 and Palestine 2. Israel 2 also controls some Syrian territory not in either Palestine.

Which European country controlled palestine and Iraq after World War 1?

The British (Britain)